Kansas City Hipster Holiday Boozing Endures

There are STILL a great many drinking options in Kansas City. Still, we hope locals will be SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE during the holidays amid a great deal of danger.

Check local boozing on a smaller scale . . .

Holiday pop-up bars and markets bring good cheer to Kansas City this year

After a year like this in Kansas City, it might be time for a toast. Not a long, drawn-out affair, but an intentional drink or two to celebrate the holidays with that one friend or special person who is in your pod.


  1. I am shutting down these bars and business'. Don't these people know that the Covid has a less than 1% transmission rate in bars?

    These bars and the owners are killing people!!

    1. chuck, if I ever saw you in a bar I'd buy you a full bottle of Jack Daniel's and break it over your head.

  2. Hipsters = hippies who THINK they are fashonable


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