Thursday, December 24, 2020

Kansas City Health Department Shares Safe Holiday Celebration Directives

Some claim Dr. Rex knows best. Others are more critical of his pronouncements that also include castigation of the Commander-In-Chief.

As church services were transformed this year and the world will always remember this Christmas in flux, check rules for the season . . .

KCMO health department: Celebrate safely in 2020 so next year will be better

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many people look forward to the holidays to have a good time with friends and family, but the Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department is reminding them as Christmas and the new year approach, COVID-19 is still spreading.


Anonymous said...

As super secret deep dark restaurants open up and remain very secret-
Dr Wrecks seeks to shut down and put out of business forever all the street level eateries.

Yes the mom and pop eateries that run 100% or more avoid detection from Dr Wrecks.
Yet the food police from Dr Wrecks non-science closures continue and the deep dark eateries cater to KC’s people and avoid even the apologists at the KC Star.

Yes you guesses it. Families all over KC will gather- maskless - and wave the middle finger to Dr Wrecks and eat and give thanks together in their homes while the nazi-police try to find illegal gatherings.

As the once relevant “paper” said “We are so sorry. Sorry for everything and everyone. We will try to pay everyone back. But we will continue to cover Dr Wrecks as he shuts down Mayor 10-10-10’s initiative to serve food to full houses”.

So sorry.

Alpinista said...