Kansas City Friday News Stand

For our early morning local news denizens, as always, we wanted to share community news, pop culture and top headlines inspired by hottie Candice and her classic body of work.

Boozy Hot Mess Unpaid

Kansas City's Brewery Emperial suing insurance company for not paying for pandemic-related losses

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - - Would you consider the COVID-19 pandemic a disaster? Should it be considered like a tornado in terms of its impact on business? That's the question behind a growing conflict between small businesses and their insurance companies.

Local Season Of Giving

KC company donates holiday meals to charity that helps children

Company holiday parties are all mostly canceled this year because of COVID-19.

KC Crash Aftermath

Police: 1 hurt when cement truck, car collide at Swope Parkway, Prospect

SOURCE: KMBC Kansas City police are investigating a crash Thursday afternoon that critically injured one man.The wreck involving a cement truck and car at Swope Parkway and Prospect Avenue was reported about 12:20 p.m.Accident investigators said the truck was traveling east collided with a Saturn sedan that turned left into its path.The man driving the Saturn was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Kansas Farewell Speech

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts urges Congress to work together in final speech on Senate floor

WASHINGTON - Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts delivered his farewell address in Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon, remembering pivotal moments in the nation's history, but also urging members of Congress to get along. Kansas' longest serving member of Congress, who served for four decades, remembered his time growing up in a political family.

Triumph After Tragedy

US Senate unanimously passes Josh Hawley's duck boat safety bill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a duck boat safety sponsored by two Missouri senators Thursday. The legislation, which draws from decades-old recommendations made the National Transportation Safety Board, still must pass the U.S. House of Representatives before it could be signed into law by President Trump.

Candice Shares Hotness

Candice Swanepoel shows off her curves in a tiny black bikini

Candice Swanepoel took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her model curves while in a tiny string bikini. The Victoria's Secret model was standing on a beach as she made the most of her Tropic Of C design. This comes after the 32-year-old beauty gushed about her love for her homeland, South Africa.

MSM 2020 Double Up

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris named Time Person of the Year

Time magazine has named Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 2020's Person of the Year.

Fashion Accessory Exposed

CNN anchor touts $380 'facts first' cashmere sweater after network spiked Hunter Biden story during campaign

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan raised eyebrows on Thursday over an ill-timed fashion statement promoting her network's Trump-era mantra. Bolduan sported a cashmere sweater with the phrase "facts first" embroidered in a pink cursive font. The sweater was made by the high-end fashion line Lingua Franca and can be purchased for a whopping $380.

Treason Hot Talk Turned Down After Bi-Partisan Outrage

Rush Limbaugh Eases Off Secession Talk After Comments Create Firestorm

Rush Limbaugh on Thursday clarified comments he made about secession after they went viral on social media and were featured as The Drudge Report's top story. "So yesterday on this program, I'm minding my own business," Limbaugh said at the start of his program. "I literally was minding my own business.

Hipsters Keep Christmas

Heidmann Art Salon hosts "Donate to Santa Cause" at Crossroads Hotel

Though Christmas is just a few weeks away, Heidmann Art Salon reminds us that it's not too late to participate in holiday cheer. Through their project " Donate to Santa Cause, Random Acts of Kindness," participants can donate food and toys in support of Operation Breakthrough, socks to the homeless, and cookies for kids in need.

Sharing Small Favors

Grandview Considers Tiny House Pilot Project

by Mary K. King If your television dial has ever landed on HGTV, chances are you have seen tiny houses before. Typically, affordable and utilizing space in a unique way, these homes serve a population looking to downsize, or those who are referred to as minimalists.

Temps Drop Friday

Your Storm Track 5 Daily Forecast

Temperatures will hover near 40 degrees for most of the day Friday as showers spread across the area late in the morning into midday. There may be a lull in the precipitation toward the afternoon rush with another round arriving overnight into early Saturday..

The Altons - When You Go (That's When You'll Know) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. Candice will get us through this.

  2. Rush Limbaugh told everyone he was dying and Trump gave him some sort of medal, so why isn't he dead yet?

  3. Limbaugh speaks to the latest "hot topic" bubble rising out of the Tea Party Cesspool, forgetting that the words he said could also be heard by those in the 90% of sane people in America who monitor what craziness and treason the Tinfoil Hat Brigade is currently babbling about.
    Then he has to tuck his tail between his legs and run for the Hills.

    1. False. Limbaugh speaks for roughly half of the country that understands how obviously compromised corporate media has become. He continues to be successful while you nip at his heels.


  4. China Joe Biden - Time Magazine "Man of the Year"

    Bahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    China Joe spent 8 months hiding in his basement; slobbering tapioca out of the side of his mouth while messing his Depends and taking bribes from the Ukraine and China.

    Shows you how worthless and biased Corporate Media has become.

    Kamala Harris is VP because she launched her political career fucking a married man 40 years her senior while he was the Mayor of San Francisco.

    Unfucking believable.

    The Scientists who developed the corona virus vaccine should be the Time Magazine people of the year.


  5. Hey 6:03; Patriotic Americans hate people like you.

    We would love for the Red States to form their own country so we don't have to listened to your constant whining, high crime, high taxes, transgenderism, grown men using little girls bathrooms and all of the other sick stuff you and the Democrat Party embraces.

    Fuck New York and California. Hope Climate Change raises the water level and washes them off the map or better yet the San Andreas fault swallow up the Left Coast.

  6. Wait a second. That TIME cover isn't accurate. Willie Brown's penis has been the main ingredient of Kamala 's suck-cess. Where is it?

  7. Well, Diaper Donnie spent eight months lying and denying. And now he's got 240,000 deaths for his legacy.

    And he can have it.

    1. The Chinese had nothing to do with it you guys!

  8. Biden tells civil rights leaders that Republicans weaponized the 'defund the police' slogan to 'beat the hell' out of Democrats


    No shit Sherlock? Rename it like you did Socialism/Marxism (Progressivism), socialized health care (Universal Health Care/Obamacare), gun bans (Common Sense Gun Legislation), abortion (Right to Choose), global cooling/warming (Climate Change), etc., etc., etc. People still won't buy into it. You people never change. When a shitty idea fails, you fuck with the English language and draw what you think is a prettier happy face on a turd.


  9. The crux of Limbaugh's thinking is that if the Demoncraps keep rigging elections, like they did in Biden's election, so they unfairly take over all parts of the government and prevent Republicans from ever having a fair chance, the party might have to weigh their options.

  10. ^^^^Could you explain just exactly how the Democrats "rigged" the election given that the winner had seven million more votes than the loser? Inquiring minds want to know.

  11. Joe Biden's approval rating is already higher than Trump's has ever been, a new poll has found


    No shit Sherlock? Wonder why.

  12. Trump bragged about a weapon that doesn't appear to actually exist to a cheering crowd in Georgia


    What a fucking moron

  13. Trump has been labeled 'loser of the year' by one of Europe's biggest news magazines


    Der Spiegel said that the president was "a man who ... was never concerned with the common good, but always with one thing - himself."

    Hey that's a great site Bandit, thanks for suggesting it!

  14. 6:03 Traitor, willing to destroy America for religious hate. There is a reason the founders wanted to keep religion and government separate, morons like you unable to let other have their lives, you want to force people into lock step. Your idea is much like Nazi Germany in 1933 but you don't know that, you were too busy playing with your dick in history class and now you are willing to repeat the hate of WWII.

    You are a traitor.

    1. Yep, we went instantly to the Nazis. The sure sign of a failing argument.

      Was Nazism a religious movement? If it was, then your bizarre and dramatic argument makes sense. If it wasn’t--and it definitely wasn't--you're a hilarious idiot.

  15. Climate change and pretty much everything the libtards believe in is their religion. Don't believe me? Counter them on any of their pet beliefs and watch. It's like showing Dracula the cross.

  16. Fox News doesn't like CNN, news at 10.

    Give me a fucking break.

  17. Bandit has apparently just figured out how marketing works. Bravo Bandit. So smart.

  18. 8:35: WTF??? Any resemblance your response has to 6:03's post is purely coincidental.


  19. Business Insider is as Communist as Time Magazine.

    Quote what you want; it's no longer objective journalism.

    Journalism in America is a fricking joke.

  20. 9:15 Sorry 8:00 fills the bill

  21. I's not marketing 9:01, it's propaganda and it's still putting a stupid happy face on a turd.

  22. A brain dead racist retiree and a half breed whore that blows a married black man to get a job wins "person" of the year ? Is there any more stupidity to spread around in this dumpster fire of a country ?

  23. Well, they're in good company. In its infinite wisdom, TIME gave Man of the Year to Hitler in 1938 and Joseph Stalin in 1939.

  24. Were you a cop Bandit? It sounds like you're carrying water for the Union? Call me crazy, but guys with badges and guns should probably be held to the same standard as private sector guys, don't you think?

    See, you and all the other so called conservatives (whatever that means these days) probably do the same pissing and moaning about the KCFD Union but give Police Unions a free pass for some reason.

  25. 9:29 in a nutshell. Reporting I don't like that doesn't fit my narrative = Communist. Reporting I do like that fits my narrative = Truth.

  26. 9:49 Have you watched the German Nazi rallies? Lots of patriotic symbols and audience participation, speakers whipping the throng into a frenzy, the audience responds with fervor and devotion. The evangelicals learned a lot from those events. Go to a....wait you already attend a fringe "church". Now replace German Nazi with Trump. If you can actually function as a thinking adult.

    1. False, over and over.

      1) Nazis had secular fanaticism, which obviously does exist. Your argument fails.

      2) Crazed assertion that evangelicals learned things from Nazis. Unsupported and Unsupportable. Sheer fanaticism on your part, fails.

      3) Strawman fails. Not a Trump supporter, do not attend church, despite your continued failed attempts to conflate the two.

      You're really not very good at this.

  27. If this doesn’t convince you to cancel your time magazine subscription then you are hopeless!!!

  28. Is TIME Ragazine a real thing?

  29. TIME is toilet paper if you can't get the real thing.

  30. @8:35 name a time and place, and you'll learn not to call an Old guy with a DD-214 a Traitor!

    Testicles, meet tonsils!

  31. Looks like the CCP must have paid for a couple of full page ads in time maybe under the name Nike (CCP) company.
    Kuntazilla still has not given up her BLOW JOB senate seat.

  32. Even a third of Demoncraps think the election was rigged so Biden would win.

  33. Do Democrats understand that Kameltoe Harris is a whore? She admitted she sucked Willie Browns dick to get and keep a job.

  34. the Candice pics helped readers not barf at the sight of the disgusting Joe Bidet and Kamaltoe photo.

    Fair and balanced reporting by TKC!

  35. Even a third of male Republicans admit they'd like Donald Trump to fuck them in the ass. Looking at 11:16.

  36. Lame attempt to deflect 12:15. Effing lame.

  37. As a young man, I used to buy USNEWS & World Report, Time and NewsWeek.

    Also looked forward to the Sunday morning talk shows.

    Now, with few exceptions, media is simply an adjunct to dumbocrap party.

    MSM elected Bidet by omission. No critical news was allowed, and the low information sheeple we know at "the public" never saw the underside of these slimeballs. A real shame the country has evolved into this. Can only hope for a return to those principles which made it great, once.

  38. Reality Speaker, they really should merge and call themselves "PRAVDA". It would be more fitting.

  39. 1:30 - I don't like what the media says about Republicans, waaaaaaaaaaaaa. I'm going back to Fox News and OANN and Breitbart.

  40. You know what's lame Bandit, making stupid statements like 'a third of Democrats think their parties candidate won a rigged election' as if it's some sort of fact.

    You know what else is lame, old fuckers like you. Yeah, you're old and worthless.

    No go fucking die.

  41. YO--bitch at 11:03 --you're ON!

    7:00 pm tonite at the Summit Grille -- parking area in back - I'll be in a black Ford F-150

    4835 NE Lakewood Way, Lee's Summit, MO 64064

    see ya then --TRAITOR

  42. My dream is that someday we split the country down the middle. The Democrat/progressive/socialist/communist folks can have one side and the Americans the other. We need an uncrossable barrier between the two and once you've chosen, you can't change your mind. I'm not joking.


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