Kansas City Food Banks Help COVID Fight

The economic devastation brought about by the pandemic has forced thousands of families to look for help. Here's insight into the trend and just a bit of good news in the midst of a crisis . . . Check-it:

With Need Surging, Kansas City Food Banks Are Feeding People And Hope

Used to be that Philip Hooser, a Kansas City performer and writer, witnessed the performing arts as unifying the community. Hooser hasn't worked since his foot was amputated last year after complications from diabetes.


  1. Clarification:

    The SARS-CoV-2 virus did NOT cause an increase in Americans going hungry.

    Politicians over-reacting to the virus is what damaged the economy, negatively affected millions of Americans, shutdown schools and businesses, and sent millions onto public assistance who otherwise would not have needed it.

    This has been especially evident in states and cities where Democrats preside.


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