Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Kansas City Fight For $15 Victory At TMC

Another perspective on living wage victory from council that might or might not overlook at far more interesting UNION fight also underway against this local healthcare giant.

A tweet from Council Dude Kevin O’Neill on the topic . . .

"So excited to hear that Truman Hospital is going to move all their employees making under $15 dollars per hour to $15 per hour. Not in two or three years, but starting this January. A big shout out to Charlie Shields CEO of Truman"

That's a really nice shout out from an elected official . . . Just for perspective . . .

According to their last non-profit 990 filing . . .

Mr. Shields earned about $891,110 worth of annual compensation.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Easier to pay your employees $15 when you can charge $5 for an aspirin. Try paying employees $15 per hour when you can't even charge $5 for a hamburger. That's the difference between "non profits" and those businesses that have to compete.

Anonymous said...

as the ethics chair charlie knows he shouldn't be paid $891,110/year.

Anonymous said...

KCMO's safety-net urban hospital.

So, the emphasis is on providing basic health care services to the urban poor? Not really, it's about politically controlling the management of the institution and it's budget (much like KCMO City Hall).

Those loyal to the corrupt status quo are placed into management positions, financially rewarded, and in turn steer contracts to members of the status quo to perpetuate the corrupt system.

E.g. Shields kickbacks to Quinton Lucas campaign
Charles Shields, 47 SE Erin Ct, St Joseph MO 64507,Truman Medical Centers -- CEO, 9/16/2020, 2,000.00 1,000.00

Truman Medical Centers/University Health has named a new general counsel who also brings local and state political experience. Jolie Justus joined the health system earlier this year as associate general counsel and will take on her new role on Sept. 4. (KC Business Journal)

Peggy J Dunn
Chairman, Truman Medical Center Inc. Board of Directors
Dunn is the Mayor of Leawood KS and wife of JEDunn Construction Group CEO.
JEDunn Construction wins multi-million dollar construction contracts at Truman Medical Center.

Alpinista said...

We'll have to raise his salary.

All CEO's a supposed to be millionaires.

At least, that's what they say at the Country Club.

Anonymous said...

So . . . since I actually went to a university and am responsible for my student loans, will I get a raise that reflects the increase to $15/hour?

More incentive to not improve one's self . . . just bitch about your appropriate rate of compensation. Thanks, Biden.

Anonymous said...

Truman is a tough business. He earns it. Wouldn't/couldn't do his job for double that. Truman has had some good CEO's and some not so good. Bluford did a good job too.

Anonymous said...


Shut up Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Now I may be wrong, but isn't the city kicking in so money to Truman from some tax?