Saturday, December 26, 2020

Kansas City Faith Blogger Contemplates Reparations For Slavery In 2021

This morning, a local newsman blogger reflects on the year ahead and then concludes his thoughts with a consideration of "reparations" and public testimony, rather than just cash awards, in order to inspire racial healing.

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Is there any hope for hope in 2021?

Some years ago, when I was still writing the "Starbeams" column for The Kansas City Star (they were quips, satire and often-snarky but allegedly humorous remarks about current events and our culture), I wrote one for the front page for...


Anonymous said...

Suck my dick Bill!

Anonymous said...

Someone said this moron wasn’t going to blog or write any more.. yet here he is doing it.
Reparations should start with the KC Star.

Court-orders orders ordering all pay and pensions and bonus from all employees that worked there the past 100 years should happen.
All assets should be gotten- houses sold etc.
They would t have apologized if they didn’t mean it.
Did the faith based dude work there?

Maybe he can liquidate his earthly assets and send a check to whomever is in charge of distribution ?

Maybe he can use his Eisenstein Mensa powers and do it himself. Lead by example and others will follow- anything else is hollow.

Not sure how he is faith- based but let’s take him for his written word.

Anonymous said...

He is so sorry.
Sorry for everything.
So sorry.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Then the Normans should pay the Saxons and the Mayans pay the Olmecs
Spain should pay everybody and the Acadamy Awards owe us all big time for Chariots of Fire winning best picture of the year

chuck said...

Yeah sure Billy. 19 Trillion dollars since 1934 is hand outs, set asides, quotas, Affirmative Action and thousands of pieces of legislation that sent blacks to the front of the line is not enough. During this time of Government manufactured crisis, where DNC Progressive tyrants have citizens locked down in their homes afraid of the Pandemic and running on fumes in their bank accounts we should "have a conversation about race" and giving even MORE free money to the "Protected Class" that is in the streets, burning down business', looting business' and assaulting the very people that will have to pay even more for this crazy shit.

It IS time for reparations. It is WAY past time for the black population who for 60 years has been the source of unimaginable, disproportionate criminality that includes the majority of HATE CRIMES, murder, assault, robbery, theft and the lion's share of chaos to pay back the damages they have inflicted on law abiding populations of all colors. 13% of the population, which is black, is responsible for 90% of the crime.

For starters, think of how much payroll and concomitant expense there is in supporting for 60 years a police force that is 7 or 8 times as large as would be necessary if blacks did not commit so much crime?

How about the trillions and I mean TRILLIONS of dollars spent by people barely making it having to move to another neighborhood because of the violent black culture? How about the gas spent getting to work because of that move? How about the money spent on private schools because blacks wreck the hell out of the educations system and force lower standards?

The list is endless. Crime is not Caused, it is COMITTED.

It is a light year past time for us all to look at the real time cost on the ground of the patronization and encouragement of a black culture that lionizes violence, indolence and like a cancer, eats away SYTEMICALLY, at the very pillars of the society that support it.


chuck said...


"Court-orders orders ordering all pay and pensions and bonus from all employees that worked there the past 100 years should happen.
All assets should be gotten- houses sold etc.
They would t have apologized if they didn’t mean it.
Did the faith based dude work there?"

Exactly. If we are to punish, ex post facto, the people who had zilch to do with the Antebellum South and Jim Crow, by according them a post hoc crucible of social opprobrium, contempt, scorn and economic sanctions, then let's fuckin start with the fuckin media fuck-heads that keep pushing this narrative.

Fuck you! Hoc YOUR fuckin house you piece of shit and drop the money off with "Freedom Inc" - I am sure it will go to a good cause.

What a fuckin joke.

Shove your "Original Sins" where the fuckin sun don't shine Billy.

Anonymous said...

Joel Osteen for president in 2024. Billy for VP. Skyman has spoken.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah sure Billy. 19 Trillion dollars since 1934..."


Anonymous said...

Goats deserve reparations from Muslims. Muslims have been sucking unwilling goat dick for thousands of years. Allah suck goat dick and all Muslims suck goat dick.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know where the U.S. is headed, think about this: In the 12th grade, the average black or Hispanic student is reading and doing math at about the level of the average white 8th grader. And blacks and Hispanics will be an ever-increasing percentage of our workforce.

Which brings me to China, our number-one competitor. China doesn’t have a lot of blacks and Hispanics. It doesn’t have race riots. It’s not spending billions on “diversity.” It isn’t trying to turn unteachable Somalis and Hondurans into anesthesiologists.

All the billions and all the incredible moral energy we waste on racial goose chases, the Chinese have used to build their country.

Look at this comparison by the IMF of the sizes of our two economies. In 1980, just 40 years ago, China’s economy was one ninth the size of ours. It zoomed past us five years ago and is set to keep sailing ahead.

Look up the longest bridges in the world. Four out of the top five are in China and the fifth is in Thailand.

China has built a national network of high-speed trains. There is nothing like this thing in the United States.

Has China neglected air travel? Nope. It has the biggest domestic air travel market in the world and has plans to build 200 more airports in the next 15 years.

But we’ll sell them the planes, right? Good luck trying. China has just introduced the C 919—as a direct competitor with Boeing and Airbus. Twenty-eight airlines have already ordered 815 of them.

If it ever comes to a shooting war, believe me, the Chinese are already laughing at the idea of Affirmative Action or “Diversity” and “Inclusion.” They have a simpler goal: build the best and toughest army in the world. We’re turning out social workers who carry rifles.

Our competitors are serious.

They don’t let low-IQ people immigrate.

They don’t rewrite their history or demonize their founders.

They don’t coddle people who hate them.

If anybody ever talked about building something based on Afrofuturism, they’d put him in the nut house.

And the Chinese understand IQ. The Beijing Genomics Institute is leading the hunt for the genes associated with intelligence. And when they find them, the Chinese will use genetic engineering to make their people as smart as possible.

We can’t compete with China while we are bound and gagged and hobbled by terrible taboos about race. Pretty soon we won’t be able to compete with, heck, Brazil.

And that’s why this is a taboo that could wreck our country.

chuck said...

This from Pedro Gonzales, a genius, who writes about people like Billy Tammy and his psychotic need for white hatred.

"the modern white psyche conditioned to worship nonwhites in a religious psychosexual ethnomasochism …

Our politics, Republican and Democrat, are dominated by the accompanying neurosis and narcissism of whites suffering from what is basically a mental and spiritual illness. Conservatives aren't immune. They think they are, but they are just as bad …

It's not specific to either political orientation, it's like a psychic malaise that afflicts white people in either party …

There you have it, white people have lost their fuckin minds.

Anonymous said...

"Someone said this moron wasn’t going to blog or write any more.. yet here he is doing it."

Someone said the moron at 8:00 wasn't going to read Bill's blog any more... yet here is is doing it and commenting on it. Weird.

chuck said...

History, as they say and I believe, happens slowly at first, then suddenly.

If we don't start, as a nation, as a people, electing competent politicians and "experts" into high station, then we will be, is short order, no more than an afterthought and a slave nation, economically and militarily to - as TKC likes to say, "The coming Chinese hegemony".

And that is no fuckin shit motherfuckers. The clock is ticking and throughout the nation, mediocrities like mr. mayor and Rex Archer exercise, by way of unconstitutional edict and fiat, totalitarian control over us all in a quest for a Socialist state.

Fuck 'em and let 'em eat fish heads.

Tick, tick, tick...

Anonymous said...

And yet, Chuck, apocryphal naysayers have predicted the imminent end of the Republic ever since its beginning, and it's still here. Weird, huh?

Anonymous said...

You crackers have never really paid for the sins of slavery, your bill is past due.

Anonymous said...

yes..we need Reparations...for Whites..for all the black crime..drugs..welfare scamming..AA..quotas..and tons of free stuff,,

Anonymous said...

Stupidest idea ever. No one alive today had anything to do with slavery. Blacks need to take a honest look at their own culture and behaviors. That is what their problem is. Always blaming there issues on someone else is getting old.


Anonymous said...

Name one white that was a member of an African tribe that sold others into slavery. Your an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Seemingly going for broke, determined to close the year by displaying his complete absence of intellect, LIBERAL FAITHLESS Tammeus spews forth a plethora of idiotic political talking points.

"especially if lots of Americans refuse to get vaccinated and if we lose the focus on systemic racism that we had for a time in the summer of 2020."

"In America, as an African American, I do feel that reparations are definitely warranted."

And in closing his post, the FAUX FAITH WRITER gets to his real purpose, hawking his book of misinformation on 9/11. The fact that Tammeus still doesn't know what happened that day, 19 years ago, is indicative of his wanton disregard for truth, justice, and understanding.

Anonymous said...

This guy is obsessed with goat dick. Weird.

Unknown said...

I'm an immigrant. Why should I pay reparations for shit that happened 150 years ago? And why should my children? Fuck off, grifters.

Anonymous said...

Blacks should kiss our feet for being here. Look at conditions in the countries they control. Free one way tickets to Liberia is all they deserve. It would improve this country and possibly Liberia too.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic party cant get out of its own way, what better to further alienate white working class voters than reparations. identity politics when you pander to the smaller section of the pie is a failing strategy, especially given the fact that Dem's grip on Latinos is slipping given the alarming number of Latinos shifting to trump as seen in Florida and elsewhere in 2020

Anonymous said...

Even the KC Star dumped Bill's column. There several better faith commenters than Bill. Why doesn't Tony feature them?

Anonymous said...

This article got you crackers highly upset.... good.

Anonymous said...

Can't we just deny that slavery ever happened? Like some deny the Holocaust? What hard evidence is there?

Anonymous said...

In more honest times, Tammeus would show his contrition by flagellating himself in public until his back is a bloody mess. Instead, Tammeus wants to absolve himself of his sins by making everybody else sacrifice. I might start listening after he's given himself a dozen or so hard lashes with the "cat."

Anonymous said...

Since neither I nor my Family had slaves, they can go fuck themselves.

Anonymous said...

Put the fuckers back in chains and then we will talk reparations.

Anonymous said...

Hold on sheriff. We need to audit the book. This racism is costing a lot of money and hurting the bottom line.

KC said...

concomitant noun
something that accompanies or is collaterally connected with something else.

KC said...

Ethnomasochism - the act of taking pleasure in contemplating the humiliation, subordination, or annihilation of one’s own ethnicity or race.

The modern style of ethnomasochism has been argued to almost exclusively be a White phenomenon. It may be related to phenomena such as White guilt, pathological altruism, and political correctness.

Chuck, you magnificent bastard, I'm learning new words everytime you comment. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

11:41...they have been seizing their means of production.

Tab said...

Reparations is another race hustle for blacks to extort more money from the treasury for something they NEVER endured.