Saturday, December 05, 2020

Kansas City Faith Blogger Book Coming Soon

Local pundit, journalist and blogger Bill Tammeus is one of the most prolific authors in Kansas City and his latest work touches on a historic American tragedy and its personal impact.

"In the book, I tell the story of how the murder of my nephew, a passenger on the first plane to smash into the World Trade Center in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, caused trauma after trauma in my extended family."

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My new 9/11 book will be available soon

I want you to know about the coming publication of my latest book -- one that, in a sense, I've spent almost 20 years writing. It's called Love, Loss and Endurance: A 9/11 Story of Resilience and Hope in an...


Anonymous said...

Thought this clown said he would write or blog anymore.
What a nincompoop.
Already people rushing to buy the book... NOT!

Will he published a a cryptic chapter on D-I-V-O-R-C-E?

Anything most people have to say that’s worth saying they’ve done it by age 50.
Anything else is wishful thinking.

“Journalists are the most ego-driven psychotic hateful to Republicans and responsible for killing to the newspaper industry people and its hard to justify ink, pen, paper, computers, tablets for any who call themselves relevant “.

- author unknown... in the spirit of Jayson Blair

Anonymous said...

And yet he's written a book, and you've not accomplished shit. Weird.

Reverend Stone said...

Bill, you are welcome to attend my Church of The Backyard Rock, the one true church. Gawd, the 4.5 billion year old rock, has deigned to reveal himself to the world in my KC yard. I find, like Saint George Carlin, he grants my wishes (prayers) about as often as other gods. It's sort of a coin toss. He said he works in mysterious ways, and has a Plan that mere mortals cannot discern, but to just have faith. The great thing, however, is I can see Him, versus invisible Sky Man, and even pat his bald head. I think, if you should come, you would find peace and tranquility. Bring your own folding chair and, of course a hefty tax deductible donation for my Esclade, which I use to drive around spreading the Good News.

Reverend Stone said...

BTW, I also wrote a book. It's called The Bibble (like bubble with an "i").

I printed many, and there on sale at TCOTBR for a dollar two ninety eight. (figure that out)

Reverend Stone said...

Sorry, "They're" not "there", There, done.

Anonymous said...

^^^ gold star little buddy

Anonymous said...

The book is about the murder of his nephew Carleton by Muslims,and it's effect on his family. The family begged him not to write it but he did it anyway. In the meantime the traitor bends over backwards to defend Muslims routinely.

Alpinista said...

^^How is he a traitor?

Are we at war with Islam?

James Madison said, in the treaty of Tripoli, that we were NOT a Christian Nation.

Is James Madison a traitor?