Kansas City Distrusts COVID-19 Vaxx?!?!

Right now we check a community profile that's likely echoed in many other parts of the metro . . .

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Fox4: Only half of us want the shots as COVID vaccine nears, poll finds

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Some in the Black community say they don't trust taking COVID-19 vaccine

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When the pandemic began, the coronavirus hit Black and brown communities disproportionately. Yet, some people in those communities say they are not comfortable taking a vaccine. "Something in my gut tell me it ain't right, and I just stay prayed up," Eric Herriford, Kansas City resident, said.


  1. Nobody ever said black people were smart and besides, their dimwit overlords and the fat fake revs told them not to take it, that’s true. There’s money to be made with covid deaths.

  2. Sure, they all smoke, snort or inject PCP but they ain’t gettin no vaccine. Good, nobody cares.

  3. It's rich that they don't trust the vaccine, but are completely untrustworthy themselves.

  4. After the Tuskegee experiment why would ANY Black person on planet earth want to participate in vaccine trials? Or at all? You honestly think a vaccine created in two months - when it takes other vaccines years - is not going to cause side effects, the detrimental sort? Who are they trying to fool? As I see it, the government has bad credit with Black people - and they’ve done nothing to improve their creditworthiness. Application...denied.

  5. ^^The Gov't had bad credit with blacks??...how about their own (real) bad credit, combined with lack of morals, failure to assimilate to societal norms, anti-family emphasis, anti-education attitude, unwillingness to take responsibility for their situation/actions.

  6. ^^^ “Tuskegee Syphilis Study”

    They chose blacks because they all had it and spread it around like wild fire, the government was just trying to help them!

  7. 2:46 has the Syph. He got it from his mother.

  8. Sure I will take the vaccine just mail it to me. My health and safety are too important to show up in person. Just like mail in voting you know, safe, secure and honest. So just mail it to me and I’ll give myself the shot and send the paperwork back saying I’m vaccinated. You all trust me, right?


  9. What's this bit about the virus hitting black and brown communities disproportionately crap? What a bunch of racist BS. Get over with the "woe is me" black crap everyone is sick of it. Want a better life? Go to China with Joe Biden see where that gets ya flipping morons.

  10. ^^ Didn't you know.....corona virus is racist.........the germs look for a black person to infect first before it infects a white person.

    The disease also infects homo's before it infects heterosexuals per Don Lemon and Anderson Pooper.

    KC Star's Bill Tammeous says the Catholic Church spreads corona virus giving communion wafers disguised as vanilla wafers to Muslims.

  11. 2:46 must not recognize anything done to non blacks throughout history. Read a few books and catch up with us later.


  12. Good! more vaccines for Whites ..less wasted on worthless blacks..

  13. The Tuskegee fiasco happened in the 1950s.
    So that's a reason not to be vaccinated against Covid19 in 2020?
    Then, of course, after people in the black community don't get vaccinated and contract the virus, there'll be a great uproar about "people of color" being ignored and suffering more than the rest of the population.
    But if you're into endless whining, complaining, and blaming others for your problems, this strategy just can't lose.
    Self-perpetuating failure.

  14. The ignorance of the black community amazes me. They want more attention and resources focused on their race and community. When it is offered they say "I don't trust it". Meanwhile west of Troost the white community is lining up to get vaccinated and they will have better results. Then BLM will rant and rave and demonstrate against the white privilege when it is their own fault again. Stupidity and ignorance reigns supreme in the area East of Troost.


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