Kansas City Crooks Increasingly Target Catalytic Converters

Another reminder that desperate times amid the pandemic aren't just about about food lines and free toys. Here's a hit worth several hundred dollars that confronts a growing number of locals . . .

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Costly auto part theft on the rise in Kansas City area

Police departments around the Kansas City metro area are reporting an increasing number of catalytic converter thefts -- a trend partly to blame on the economic hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising cost of precious metals.The costly part of a vehicle's emissions system is an easy target among thieves since more cars, trucks, and SUVs are not getting driven as much due to stay-at-home orders and business restrictions.



    The dimwit thief was apprehended when searching for catalytic converters at the Tesla parking lot!!!

  2. Unreported:

    Mayor 10-10-10 and Wrecks Archer teaming up with other Democrat notables. Most have strongly urged others to wear masks and lockout small businesses while taking photos with folks they don’t know and eating out while ignoring their own orders (Ss Webster definition of Hypocrisy).

    While Wrecks hasn’t been caught without his mask- does he continue to misuse no science in helping close KC restaurants?

    So these bonafide-delusional-left wing-tax-and-spend-business/bar-closing-after-10pm-letting-casinos-open-fitting-dictionary-definition-hypocrisy.... will they team up with Tesla,Nio,Xpev,Fisher,Li and others to help stop Cadillac Converters while realizing later it actually Catalytic Converters?

    I.Q. aside...KC leaders will lead KC out of the pandemic with much fewer businesses and less tax base while gaining fame for the nationally acclaimed clown of Mayor 10-10-10.

    If you see a Mayor 10-10-10 dining somewhere in the next few years- make sure you thank him... for nothing.

  3. Death to the thieves and their buyers.

  4. That's one Sharia law I like: cutting off the hand of a thief.

  5. ^^^ And the mayor and his party of murderers, liars, crooks and thief’s.......


  6. Lets makes sure the mayor is kneeling and praising his kind for this they are the only ones who steal copper and other metals oh and don't blame the hardship of the COVID that's what cowards do this has been going on for decades from these people. they have been living off of the backs of working people for ever. BLM Burn loot murder.

  7. ^^Jesus Maude, you're a waste of life. Don't you have anything more productive you could be doing? How come you have no family and friends you should be spending time with instead of posting worthless drivel like this? Goddamn, your pathetic and boring as fuck!


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