Friday, December 18, 2020

Kansas City Crime Scene: Money Murder Charges, Meth Town Killer On The Loose And Warning Of 'Sexual Healing' Illicit Services

This local roundup should prep us for the nasty weekend ahead and the Christmas rush also gives away to ongoing rampant Kansas City metro crime.

Cash Killing Charged

Kansas City man charged with second-degree murder in September fatal shooting over $5,000 debt

A 26-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, man has been charged in the September fatal shooting of Elier Alejandro Pinon-Anchondo in an East Gregory Boulevard home.Jackson County prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Friday that Nicolas Saldana-Damian faces second-degree murder and armed criminal action charges in the shooting.According to court records, the Kansas City Police Department responded on Sept.

Mugshot Of The Moment

Independence police search for person of interest in homicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police in Independence are asking for the public's help in locating a person of interest connected to the death of a woman this week. On Thursday night, police said they were sent to a home in the 9900 block of E.


KCK man arrested for "healing services" that allegedly led to sexual battery

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- A KCK man claiming to offer business in pain management services has been arrested and charged with 10 counts of sexual battery. Mario Randolfo Urzua-Almazan, who sometimes goes by Don Mario, is in the Wyandotte County jail on $50,000 bond, and KCK police are asking for the public's help if they know anything about Urzua-Almazan and his "healing services," which he sold to members of the Hispanic community.

Running Man Redux

KHP releases new info about chase before Kansas deputy ran over former KCK detective

Editor's note: Some footage included in the video above could be considered graphic to some viewers. KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Dash camera video released by attorneys on Thursday shows a patrol truck running over a fleeing suspect. That man, 35-year-old Lionel Womack, survived, and he's now filed a civil right lawsuit against the deputy involved [...]

KCMO Tragedy Redux

'I'm numb': Family shocked after losing both brother and sister in KC double homicide

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Kansas City police work to track down a suspect in a south Kansas City shooting that killed siblings Roy Bausby and Gabrial Freeman, their family is grieving. "I'm numb. I'm angry. I'm sad. I don't understand it. I just feel like they're going to call me and say 'I'm not [...]

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Amy Winehouse With Tampon String Hanging Out said...

A Black man can't even do any night field-jogging in racist Kansas . I hope those deputies are disciplined !

Anonymous said...

^^^ lulz!

Anonymous said...

Ani DiFranco With Tampon String Hanging Out would be more appropriate.

Alpinista said...

When I was in Grade School, we used to play this game during recess called "Ring Around The Rosy". We would form a circle with one person standing in the middle, & we would hold hands while walking in a circle & reciting this very old ditty:

"Ring around the rosy
Pocket full of posies,
Ashes, Ashes,
We all fall down."

Then we would drop to the ground.

Later, as an adult, I realized what the ditty was about, and was baffled that this was a game, & wondered at the teachers who taught it to us.

Maybe, they were preparing us for the future.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is sexual healing...? Pandora's box. Who would even fall for something like that?

Anonymous said...

More pants-peeing fearmongering. We will not lose a third of our population to COVID as happened during the Black Death.

Disinformation and damaging propaganda. The suicides, depression, anxiety, and economic collapse are your responsibility. For shame.

KC said...

No matter how bad the lives of Tony's readers are, at least they are not Mario Randolfo Urzua-Almazan, who sometimes goes by Don Mario, who is in the Wyandotte County jail on $50,000 bond.

Anonymous said...

The black community is losing one third of its people because of the Black Death, mayor lickass won’t address his people, but that’s ok, we need all of them gone and he really is helping the cause!

I thought lickass was the great communicator? Oh I see, he only communicates with blm and antifa, got it.

TracyS said...

Ring around the Rosie? Isn't it about the great plague of London?