Kansas City COVID Vaxx Promo Abounds

OR . . . Local guinea pigs hype great American needle party.

Check-it . . .

KC Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial participants encourage vaccination

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As coronavirus vaccines inch closer to being cleared for public use in the United States, local vaccine trial participants hope community members will get it when it's available. Amy Warren, a Kansas City, Missouri, native and nurse practitioner, was one of the first people in the metro to receive the Moderna vaccine in May and June.



    When the clinic NP caught bacterial pneumonia from wearing a warm moist germ rag over her face, she was on pins and needles!!!

  2. No no no no no no, peelousy, schifless, China joe and his hoe said don’t take the shot, it’s too dangerous, wait another year to make sure it’s “safe” in the mean time, do as we say, stay home no parties and don’t go out to eat anywhere. And for your safety because we worry about you every second of the day, (yea right!) and for extra added safety no Christmas or New Years because we want it to be safe for our big ass super spreader party where millions will be at the inauguration! You know because the Kung fu flu is smart and will leave everybody alone because it doesn’t hurt dimwits! Hahahahaha!

  3. Who wears a mask on their face ? I wear panties on my face !

    Love to sniff.

    China Joe Biden

  4. Robert Kennedy jr. Expert in vaccines warns public to stay away from these VACCINES.

    Daystar television had ROBERT KENNEDY JR.

    On an interview and bill gates involvement and the nano chip that will be in vaccines along with the 5G towers that will activate vaccines chip given thru vaccines.

    Appears vaccine only gtried on health folks non smokers.

    Folks this vaccine may do in millions. Vaccine makers have immunity from lawsuits...

    Dr. Rasshid buttar YouTube VIDEOS.

    Lots of lies starting with dr. Anthony fauci...exposed..

    Virus tester pount of care a fake. Made in 1999 by alere inc. Owned by bill gates he paid 43 million for it for hiv testing in AFRICA... renamed ID NOW by abbott labs after bill gates business partner abbott labs buys company in 2018 in time for planned corona virus roll out..

    Bill gates and john hopkins planbed this virus

    Google bill gates and bohemian grove.

    A website from 1997 shows bill gates with red corona virus growing out of his head.

    Wake up friends..this is a scam

    Virus being sprayed by planes and drones worldwide.

    Look up you'll see dozens of invaders what folks think are chemtrails are airsoiled corona virus allegedly sprayed to heighten fear that virus taking over.

    This is done to validate vaccines no one needs them. Also you hear folks testing positive for vueus that never left home..

    How is this? Dissidents spraying corona overhead.

    Use decernment and wisdom to see truth friends

    Air traffic controllers say they dont show on radar military planes and drones have ability to cloak radar..

    Wake up and look up.. scam is exposed

  5. So they had this vaccine back in May huh?

  6. I hope this virus takes out more of these loons everyday. We got over 2700 dead yesterday alone! The good news is that it will kill the Boomer Trumpkins in droves this winter because they don't believe in it. If the current trend continues, we should be up to 450,000 dead by the end of February. I'm happy about that. Go COVID go! Kill those idiot Boomers!


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