Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Kansas City COVID Slap Fight Chatter

Freebie glimpse at content that locals are otherwise required to pay or donate to garner. Enjoy or ignore because it's mostly talking points we've already heard on CNN.

Check-it . . .

4Star Politics: How will Kansas, Missouri leaders handle COVID-19 restrictions, vaccines?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - These days, the COVID-19 pandemic and political news are often closely intertwined. Decisions about restrictions on businesses and gatherings, along with how new vaccines will be distributed, are all coming through our local and state elected leaders. To break it all down, political consultant Stephanie Sharp and KCUR-FM's Steve Kraske join [...]


chuck said...

If you are not stuck in KC, or St Louis, life has pretty much returned to normal. Just south of here in Harrisonville, very few people are wearing masks and NO ONE is buying into the fear mongering of the Democrats. You can go inside and eat, drink and, this is important, because it is tough to do this in Democrat cities, be fuckin merry.

Democrats are hell bent on destroying as many business' as possible and wrecking as many lives as they can.

It's a "Hall Monitor Mask Wearing" Christmas and if you don't like it, you can be fined and incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter about the vaccines, the dimwits and their followers a too stupid and scared to take the shot plus, if they refuse to take it then the despicable dimwit leaders can keep enforcing their worthless shutdowns, keeping kids out of schools and forcing businesses to close forever. It’s their mission to destroy everything so their plans for socialism can take affect.

We can go back to a normal life, but they will do everything to keep them as they are right now

Anonymous said...

[T]here was never a shred of scientific evidence that putting healthy people in quarantine would do anything to ameliorate the spread of COVD-19. Moreover, everything we knew about viruses made the idea of quarantining people who aren't sick completely absurd.

Even the CDC's most recent pandemic planning guide from 2017 admitted that "direct evidence for the effectiveness of these measures is limited." And by "limited" they meant non-existent. There wasn't a single study that supports the idea that quarantining healthy people was going to do a damn thing to stop a virus from spreading.

The European Centre for Disease Control's summary of the research was more honest. They noted that "there are few, if any, empirical data underpinning" the assumptions that workplace closures do anything to stop viruses from spreading. Indeed, they found no evidence for the effectiveness of any social distancing measures.

In spite of the science and the months of real-time data that proved it unnecessary, the left has persisted with shutting down businesses and churches. As a result of these state-enforced lockdowns, hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the U.S. have shut down — many of them permanently.

Data from late September show that between March 1 and August 31, a total of 163,735 businesses on Yelp — which is especially representative of small businesses — closed. According to Yelp, about 60 percent of these businesses (nearly 98,000) will never reopen. The Yelp data reveal that small restaurants and retail stores have been hit particularly hard. It has made zero sense that Walmart, Target, Home Depot — none of whom were requiring masks as late as middle July — and the like have been allowed to remain open, while your local diner, gun store, or gym was forced to close.

It's all Democrat lies and bullshit designed to make you OBEY!!!

Anonymous said...

Round up all the MAGAts and put them in a place they can never return from. Problem solved. Go get 'em, Sleepy Joe! You kicked Trump's ass so hard you broke your foot! Now it's time for Dear Leader's cockroach followers to pay!

Anonymous said...

I remember when Dave Helling was actually a good journalist.....apparently power has corrupted him and his activist agenda

Anonymous said...

These two "reporters" are great examples of never letting facts get in the way of the narrative you've decided to pitch.
Whether it's "police brutality", "systemic racism", "white privilege", or now their particular editorial point of view of the Covid virus, every story they "report" is just another editorial.
It's too bad to see the Star and its alumni fall to where they are.
But this kind of endless propaganda is exactly the reason they've failed and will soon disappear.

Anonymous said...

Chuck you ass - how many people from Harrisonville and places like that are using up all the beds in KC's hospital ICU units?

You know damn well that rural Missouri doesn't have the facilities to care for the increasing numbers of people being hospitalized for Covid, so they're being ambulanced to the Metropolitan areas where there is still a chance that they can survive.

I know you're bitter that Trump failed again, but stop spreading lies, please!

Anonymous said...

Chuck, by all means continue to go into every bar that will have you(they're aren't many as you've been 86'ed from most).

Continue your filthy habit of licking every toilet seat in the restrooms.

If you could find a group of five or more people who can tolerate you for more than five seconds, please meet with them unmasked, and discuss for hours are persecuted you Boomer fucktards are in America.

Also, please continue not another of your filthy habits of not washing your hands everyday.

Get the Rona and fucking die MAGAT!