Kansas City COVID Curfew Crackdown Kills Holiday Restaurant Biz

Important insight and testimony from another local place coping with severely restricted revenue that will impact workers and take cash out of their pocket just in time for Christmas.

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KC restaurants struggle with stricter COVID-19 rules

Kansas City, Missouri, is two weeks into a stricter COVID-19 emergency order. While the aim is to bring down rising numbers of COVID cases across the city, the fight does have a side effect."Our hostess seats someone at this particular table.


  1. Haven't noticed much difference lately - eat out 1-2 meals daily.
    Of course, I seldom eat in KCMO, nothing very interesting to find there.
    Might hit Aladdin or Teocali once in a while, but KC's pretty boring otherwise.

  2. ^^ and pretty dead because of incompetent leadership at city hall.

  3. Close all the bars and save lives.

  4. Time to bust Walmart, Lowe's and HYVee. Other than house parties, that's where the crowds are.


  5. Quinton Lucas and the rest of the communist democrats have killed the restaurant business nationwide.
    There, I fixed the headline for ya.

  6. ^^^ BOO! There are commies under your bed! Get back in the Closet!


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