Kansas City COVID Bus Cutbacks Worsen

Kansas City freebie bus rides have been a FAIL for the most part as people stay home amid the pandemic. Meanwhile, check continued cutbacks in public services as the American economy continues to shrink . . .

KC city buses reduce service because of COVID-related staffing shortages

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City will reduce service on six city bus routes because of COVID-19-related staffing shortages, RideKC announced Wednesday morning. RideKC says it will roll back services for the following routes starting Jan.


  1. Staff doesn't want to put up with the troublemakers that ride the free bus service.

  2. Please renew the Etax in order for the city to give it away for free.

    Thank you white citizens.

    Mayor drunken.

  3. They need to cutback on those fat ass bus drivers.They should be pushing the bus instead of pushing people out of the way at the peachtree buffet.To the fat black?-ass who kicked me off the max bus. you should be the first one at the gym every morning.Sincerly from ex lcmo resident?!##

  4. Don't forget about empty trolleys going up and down Main St. No tourist means zero ridership


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