Kansas City COVID-19 Numbers Decline

MSM contradicts a great deal of holiday season fear. 

Here's the local news TV perspective that might not line up with national news perspective . . . Read more:

KC area COVID-19 numbers trending downward, near mid-November rates

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Coronavirus infection and hospitalization numbers are down in the Kansas City area, a trend local health officials are cautiously calling good news. The Kansas City Metro's test positivity rate has fallen to 24.6 percent, its lowest percentage since Thanksgiving week. The area is also seeing 168 new hospitalizations per day.


  1. KC COVID numbers went down way last summer.

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  3. No! Must not let it take my power! My precious! My precious! It is my precious! Away with the nasty common sense! Tricksy it is!

  4. Like feral cats, except -- unfortunately -- they don't avoid human contact, so more feral cats are born and more violence harms society.

  5. The Covid hoax continues. Democrat tyrants will have to tell even more lies.

  6. ^^^OK Boomer.

  7. Marco Rubio is correct -

    "Dr. Fauci lied about masks in March

    Dr. Fauci has been distorting the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity

    It isn’t just him

    Many in elite bubbles believe the American public doesn’t know “what’s good for them” so they need to be tricked into “doing the right thing”

  8. If the liberals hadn't lied over and over again they wouldn't have such a problem with face diaper compliance. Anything they say now is treated as the bullshit that it has been proven to be.

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  13. Wow! You mean our politicians and experts are lying???


  14. Great links! It’s amazing how evil the lyin cheatin crooked despicable dimwits are, they must be stopped at all costs before this great country of ours turns into chyna, Russia, Venezuela and even Africa rolled all into one.

    Crazy to think the dimwits pushing this disaster are 80 years old and above.....

  15. ....To our Covid Deniers...


    You're Welcome.

  16. 12:27 You are a liar.


  17. MDSF's illegitimate bi-racial rape child12/28/20, 12:48 PM

    MDSF is nothing more than a face diaper Karen. The plandemic finally gave him a purpose in life. Dad is such a prick.

  18. The numbers can't be going down! Everybody isn't wearing a mask and masks are the only way out of this!

  19. WAIT!!!! You mean they were lying all along!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Hang on a second!!! Your saying it was all bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. You're kidding!! You mean Big Tech, the government and democrats always knew it was bullshit and they are censoring the truth?????


  22. Dr. Fauci has lied and been wrong about everything, but, we are not allowed to criticize him? Not even Ron Paul?


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  28. Sorry, guys, chuck's too busy chasing down the theory that the Nashville bombing happened because AT&T got the contract to do forensic audits on Dominion's voting machines, which were just starting to show up in Nashville. See, the Super Computer in Tennessee was connected to the AT&T internet in Nashville and the Cumberland River cooling system was compromised due to the internet outage and the Super Computer fried. So the explosion "just happened" to be at the AT&T location where they "just so happen" to control the cooling system for the Super Computer and house the Dominion voting machines and drives for the forensic audit.

    So leave him alone.

  29. "Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted to The NY Times that he hadn’t told the American people the truth about the number required to have herd immunity initially because he didn’t think that we were “ready” for it. Initially he indicated that he thought it would take 60 to 70% getting vaccinated to reach herd immunity. He then admitted to the NYT that he’d been slowly moving the goalposts up.

    This isn’t the first time that Fauci has been wrong or misled people. In fact, he infamously lied about wearing masks. You can decide whether he was lying in March when he said that you didn’t need to wear masks and they really didn’t do anything or whether he’s lying now with the narrative that they work.

    But media has lauded him, with Wolf Blitzer even calling him a national treasure because they imagined him anti-Trump. They’ve never held Fauci accountable for such false statements.

    Finally, someone asked him about his admission to the New York Times. CNN’s Dana Bash actually committed a little bit of journalism. So we give her credit that she actually does her job as opposed to being Wolf Blitzer. Fauci’s response? Oh, well we don’t really know, it was based in part on polling of what Americans thought, it’s basically it’s all a “guesstimate.”

    So much for “trust the science.” This isn’t science, it’s manipulation. It’s a bureaucrat saying what he thinks people want to hear, even now. She even has to ask him, pinky swear, is this really the right number now? Because after this, how would you ever know? He has imploded all his credibility. “We have to be humble about what we don’t know.” If you were humble about what you didn’t know, you wouldn’t be making up numbers that are all just a ‘guesstimate” and then hugely influencing public policy based on those “guesstimates.”


    Fauci is, like Progressives everywhere, a liar who pretends willful impercipience, ignorance and surprise when caught lying, or, just lies again right into your face. He knows there is nothing we can do, we are held at gunpoint by the tyrants shutting down business and imprisoning business owners while the Biden campaign literally sends money to let rioters out of jail to loot and burn again.

    The police enforce the illegal, unconstitutional fiats, diktats and executive orders from self made Pharaohs like mr mayor Lucas and we are helpless to do anything other than bend the knee, go out of business and stop above all, "Going OUT".

  30. 4:47 The corrupt to the core, FBI, conveniently "disappeared" Steve Paddock's laptop (Which I believe revealed his hatred for conservatives - he shot up a fuckin country music venue) and placed it, no doubt, right next to Anthony Weiner's laptop. So, you can take this to the bank motherfucker.

    If there is ANY evidence that the Nashville bomber is BLM/AntiFa associated, it will be lost down the rabbit hole. If he ever, clicked on FOX news once in his miserable fuckin life, he will be labeled a white supremacist and make the front pages around the fuckin world.

    So go fuck yourself, we are all up to speed with your lies and spin.


  32. Idiot democrats like masks and lockdowns.

    Depression and mental illness
    Delays in preventative medical care, including deaths from cancer and postponed vaccinations
    Drug and other opioid abuse
    Domestic violence and child abuse
    Cardiovascular disease and stroke due to unemployment
    Reduced average life span from other causes due to unemployment
    Multi-causal mortality increases from recession and poverty in general

    Attempts have been made to pull these diverse causalities into one model. A group of South African actuaries advised their government that a lockdown would cost 29 lives for every one life saved from the virus. A U.K. government study estimated more conservatively that the ratio would be four-to-one — with lockdowns causing 200,000 fatalities while saving only 50,000 people from death by COVID-19.

    These blindered public health “experts,” such as Dr. Anthony “hunker down” Fauci, see nothing but the coronavirus death numbers, choosing to ignore the massive costs of the Democrats’ lockdowns. While the left continues to fetishize technocratic expertise, blindly deferring to those elites rather than accepting democratic accountability for their policy choices, their lockdowns continue, leaving a rising death toll in their wake.

  33. The Nashville bombing was a covid death.

  34. ...To all our conservative tRumpMonkeys......


    Happy Fuckin' New Year...
    snivelin' losers.

    FAUCI IN 2021!


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