Kansas City Counts 302 COVID-19 Deaths

Just a few moments ago, readers sent word our way that a tragic stat should be emphasized.

Today's tragic news from MSM . . .

CBS: COVID-19 was the leading cause of death in the U.S. this week, report says

Today's angle as well . . .

Marketwatch: U.S. reaches daily high of nearly 228,000 COVID-19

Accordingly, here's a snapshot of KCMO pandemic totals and how the virus is threatening local life . . .

Developing . . .


  1. Will await comments from the usual prolific keyboard medical professionals with their WallyWorld diplomas.

  2. ^^^ douche sits around a blog all day waiting for comments...


  3. ^^^^ Yet you are doing the same thing. Weird.

  4. ^^^^ and yet you’re still a dumbass. Weird.

  5. Kameltoe Harris12/5/20, 4:50 PM

    Warning!! Unemployed basement imbecile @ 4:25 & 4:42 is active. Be prepared for amazing stupidity. Remarks may include such terms as: CHUD, geezer, MAGAT, Trumptard and weird. Often starts with two or more silly ^^ marks. It is strongly recommended one should ignore what he/she/it posts as it may cause brain damage.

  6. Mr. Trump made no comment on Coronavirus in his Twitter rants nor about the latest jobs report documenting the economic toll, taking no leadership role in the middle of America’s deadliest crisis in generations.

    The only four tweets he did post mentioning the virus were more about defending his own handling of it, including reposted messages asserting that “The president was RIGHT.”

    Sucks that we don't have a president right now.

    1. Sucks that you're a turd pincher. 💩💩

    2. Sucks you're not dead Charlie Horse.

      Go accomplish this.

  7. Here’s what’s key for the numbers, we currently have 2195 active cases. 23,843 is the total number for the year.

    What the mayor and the fat fake rexy are doing is lying to the very people they swore to protect, this is a scare tactic that is ruining peoples lives and businesses. Here’s what’s good about this whole thing, the governor is on to their lying and plans on addressing it accordingly.

    Thank god the state is paying attention to this bullshit.

  8. 492,000 people in kc.

    2195 people have covid.

    0.44% of the population of killer kc has covid, hold me, I’m scared!

  9. Don’t worry 4:55 the do nothing President just saved the world with operation warp speed producing three vaccines in world record time and free for everyone that wants it so....

    Sleepy joe can’t even come out of his basement bunker without breaking his foot let alone come up with plans for producing vaccines, he’s only got as far as making masks mandatory! Brilliant! Hahahahaha!

    We would all die if it was left up to China flu joe and his hoe.

  10. Shove your mask up your ass!

  11. Remember all that bullshit about if you have thanksgiving you will all die? I guess ten days after the thanksgiving holiday the dimwit driven scare tactics that this was going to be a super spreader event never materialized did it?

    No doom and gloom dark winter here! Hahahahaha!

    No wonder the governor called out their lies and scare tactics. The mayor and fake dr rexy need to be removed immediately.

  12. The 46th president will have Life Alert buttons throughout White House grounds as his own personal touch. Should he suddenly trip over a dog or become trapped in a room with Kamala Harris, he can leap toward the button and hopefully get to it to summon Secret Service and paramedics to the scene.

    The buttons are being installed in the Oval Office, near the Grand Staircase, and outside just in case the president is playing with his dogs. Kamala Harris was seen following the transition team around and snipping the wires behind each button.

    courtesy of Babylon Bee

  13. The 45th president had lie detectors around the White House grounds but they all burned out.

    courtesy of the American people

  14. China joe biden sponsors said...

    I use depends daily and they’re a life saver, every time I take a nap I shit myself!

    And life alert saved my life when I fell down, broke my foot and couldn’t get up!

  15. 7:14 Im pretty sure those were broken by peelousy, shithead, the penguin Nader and the lame stream media so...


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