Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Kansas City Convention Hotel Stays Losing Amid ONE BILLION Hotel Rooms Unsold

True to form, local politicos bought into developer hype at the top of the market and now hosts an EPIC DOWNTOWN FAIL that continues to siphon cash from the quickly evaporating budget.

Check this links sent by a KICK-ASS TKC READER . . .

A Billion Unsold Room-Nights And "It's Going To Get Worse" As America's Hotel Occupancy Rate Re-Plunges

A solid recovery in the hotel industry is years away as travel and tourism will likely remain suppressed well into 2021 as cities across the US have reinstated some form of coronavirus restrictions to mitigate the spread. As COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths soar, along with a new mutation of the virus spreading in Europe, Americans continue to shun hotels.


Anonymous said...

And Mayor Lickass just keeps fucking us up the chocolate wizwang.

Anonymous said...

What the F did anyone think was going to happen when they close down the city over a virus that has rules and regulations that change daily to fit the narrative of globalist wanna be little guys like Cuomo and Lucas. Isn't this what Lucas wanted? YES IT IS. But don't forget the little chiefs aka black foreskins keep playing ball don't they? Can anyone see the hypocrisy in this? 2021 won't be a recovery it will be worse!

Anonymous said...

The government will become scared of the people very soon. Don't bet on black.

C. Manson said...

Helter Skelter babies!

Unknown said...

Nobody could see this coming. Except the CFRG folks who kept warning City Hall not to gamble with taxpayer money. Whenever government picks a winner, it's a loser. A winner does not need government hand outs.

Anonymous said...

The Mike Burke, Sly James hotel has 800 rooms available for the homeless; with double occupancy, that provides for 1,600 homeless.
They will be fed in the Kay Barnes ballroom.
Lucas and the clowncil will be delighted to pick up the tab at full high season rates.

Anonymous said...

This blog is full of Goat Lucy sell-outs. You are willing to peddle your king Lucifer's lies about masks not working and Covid 19 is a hoax. With over 300,000 people dead here in US, Goat Lucy is using you demons to spread lies and death all around.

Anonymous said...

Is this some new superstition your grifter fake reverend told you?

Anonymous said...


Name 3 boondoggles:
Toy Train, Loews convention center hotel, single-terminal airport

Toy Train
The Kansas City Council will take up a measure early next year (2018) that seeks to overcome an Aug. 8 vote hindering streetcar expansion. Six council members, including Mayor Sly James, have sponsored an ordinance that would modify the measure that reined in the city’s participation in streetcar expansion. “It manages to respect the August 8 vote but also respects prior contracts,” said Councilman Quinton Lucas, one of the six council sponsors.

Downtown Convention Center Hotel
The Kansas City Council Thursday (June 2017) passed an accelerated ordinance for the proposed Kansas City convention center hotel. The council’s 11-2 vote is seen as the final necessary step before developers can move forward.
Councilmembers Heather Hall and Teresa Loar voted against the ordinance, which approves zoning and designs for the project. They said they remain concerned about the project’s lack of financial viability.

Single-terminal Airport
February 2019, the vote to approve an ordinance for the $1.5 billion project run by Edgemoor was 11-1, with Alissia Canady being the sole “no” vote against it.


Anonymous said...

KC will be ok. 25 million visitors annually.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Don't you man anally?