Kansas City Confronts COVID-19 'Nightmare' Amid Embittered Transition Of Power

As the frightening spike of pandemic infections, hospitalizations, and the fatalities are FINALLY starting to hit home and convince even the most skeptical denizens of the discourse about the seriousness of COVID-19 . . . Political debate persists among the elite who seek power over the weakened poplace.

Accordingly, we share some of our favorite headlines to offer perspective and spark just a bit of conversation about the road ahead . . .

Public Health Officials Fear COVID Crisis 2021

After deadliest month in US, COVID-19 death projection for January is 'nightmarish,' expert says

December has been the nation's deadliest month since the COVID-19 pandemic's start, with more than 63,000 Americans lost to the virus in the past 26 days.In comparison, November saw 36,964 deaths.The grim death toll comes on the heels of several brutal months for the U.S., with COVID-19 ravaging communities from coast to coast, crippling hospital systems and prompting new widespread restrictions.

Senator Marco Echoes Prez Trump & Denounces Facui

Marco Rubio accuses Fauci of having 'lied' about face masks and 'distorted' facts

The Florida senator echoed Donald Trump in his criticism of Dr Fauci, the nation's top infectious diseases expert. Mr Rubio, whose Republican-run state has long rejected Covid controls implemented in other areas, said that Dr Fauci had also been "distorting" information about vaccines. "Dr. Fauci lied about masks in March," he said.

Top Doc Talks Darkness

Fauci shares Biden's concern that 'darkest days' may be ahead in Covid-19 fight

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday expressed concern that the worst may still come in America's battle against Covid-19, agreeing with President-elect Joe Biden's recent assessment that the "darkest days" in fighting the virus lie ahead.

London Calling: Lockdown Part Deux Sneak Peek

Scientists call for nationwide lockdown after rapid spread of Covid-19 variant

Cases of the new variant Covid-19 virus were confirmed in several European countries on Saturday, including Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. All were linked to people who had arrived from the UK. Meanwhile, Japan has announced it is banning all new entries of foreign nationals from Monday following the discovery of the variant in travellers from the UK.

New Normal: American Vaxx Restrictions On Movement

If you want to travel next year, you may need a vaccine passport

Now that coronavirus vaccines are starting to roll out in the US and abroad, many people may be dreaming of the day when they can travel, shop and go to the movies again. But in order to do those activities, you may eventually need something in addition to the vaccine: a vaccine passport application.

Prez Trump Offers Pandemic Checks & Balances

BREAKING: Trump To Use Impoundment Control Act To Gut 'Wasteful Spending,' Try To Boost Stimulus Checks

President Donald Trump announced on Sunday evening that he was signing the coronavirus stimulus package and the government spending bill, and that he will use the Impoundment Control Act of 1974 in an attempt to get Congress to drop what he called "wasteful spending" in order to get them to boost the coronavirus stimulus checks up to the levels that he demanded last week.

And so, the dark days of Winter start with continued debate amid the ongoing, eternal, fight for control of the discourse, the narrative and hearts & minds in Kansas City and across the world.

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  1. I believe in science.

    But part of science is debate and discussion.

    Seems like most only believe in obedience.

    1. Midtown KC Chester12/27/20, 8:54 PM

      Um, this is TKC. We only believe in dem titays.

      Get'em out.

  2. ^^^ I agree 1000000%!

    Fuck the plandemic! We need more titays!

  3. Fuck you
    Fuck your mask
    Fuck your "belief in science"
    Fuck your vaccine
    Fuck your desire to be Stalin
    Fuck your panty pissing
    Fuck your whining
    Fuck your fear of everything


  4. Chucky Darwin12/27/20, 9:51 PM

    Vaccination is a big part of why the child mortality rate dropped to almost zero in the civilized communities of the world; and why it is much higher in the uncivilized communities. Just look at the differences in life expectancy in Kansas counties--you can call it social class, if you are not a race realist! Or you can call it systemic racism. I call it behavioral. (https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/usa/kansas-life-expectancy-by-county-male) . But in Johnson County, most people are going to get vaccinated. Do what you want. Put on your mask, west of Troost and south of County Line Road, y'hear? Elsewhere, keep shooting!

  5. Fuck you, middle class. Don't bother me with your petty needs. I'm playing golf. $151M in golf, paid by YOU, over the past four years. What a bunch of losers and suckers.

    1. Sleepy China Joe's hobby is naps ,much cheaper

  6. The previous post was brought to you by a retarded liberal sissy's brain on drugs. Not pretty is it kids?

  7. ^Liar

    President Trump increased the stimulus checks from $600 to $2000.

    Pelosi and Democrat Party are giving $200 million to the Kennedy Performing Arts Center, $200 million for Pakistan gender studies and all kinds of other crazy crap that should be going to Americans instead who need financial help.

    Trump is right cut government spending and increase the stimulus checks.

    Congress should put themselves and all Federal workers on a two week furlough so they can feel the same pain taxpaying Americans are feeling. Given the furlough salary savings to Americans in the form of stimulus checks.

  8. If Trump can get more us more money, good for him.

    Doesn't seem like anybody cares about the average American anymore. Everything is geared toward the tech billionaires or the people who have talk shows.

    Think about it.


    "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask," infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci told 60 Minutes on March 8, 2020.

    Do NOT believe anything this man says, he does NOT have your best interests at heart!!!

  10. I wouldn't believe Fauci if he said the sky was blue. So much bullshit has come out of his mouth that anything the man says is suspect.

  11. Had a very dear friend, 58 yrs young . Went in the hospital diagnosed with pneumonia, 4 days later, he was tested for covid
    He was in the hospital 21 days , the last 10 days, he was on a vent. Then came the call from the Dr at 5am on Dec 17th
    Nothing more the could do.organs shutting down, told the family he wasn't going to make it
    I've know him many yrs.

    No underlying health problems .. Just seen him go downhill that quick . Be wa a lite overweight Im sin shock over his death
    Please be safe. By doing that, we'll keep others safe

  12. 1:10 sorry for your loss but you're wasting time with trying to convince these CHUDS of anything.

    It truly is a death cult they've joined a this point.

    1. 459 an example of leftist projection.

      Is this what the TV is telling you to think?

  13. @11:16 - try to keep up, Trump folded yet again, the checks are going to be for $600!

    But the Democratic Party is already working to get an additional $800 :3rd Supplement" out as soon as they can after January 20th. Expect a long fight from the Republicans on this though.

  14. He's trying to tell his mommy that he wet himself again.

  15. “Dr. Fauci lied about masks in March. Dr. Fauci has been distorting the level of vaccination needed for herd immunity,” Rubio wrote. “It isn’t just him. Many in elite bubbles believe the American public doesn’t know ‘what’s good for them’ so they need to be tricked into ‘doing the right thing.'”

  16. 5:45 no Skippy I'm totally tapped into the Intellectual Dark Web for my info... while you CHUDS are busy wiping Trump's jizz off your chins I'm out here learnin' and shit.

    You gonna stroke it to Hannity again today?

  17. Thank the Good Lord for President Donald J. Trump and his business acumen. He was able to bring a vaccine to Americans in record time. Obama, the worst president since Jimmy Carter, is still crowing about his ability to bring a few more transgender bathrooms to .42 of the population. Big whoop.

  18. I can't tell if the level of willful stupidity at 7:30 is satire or not.

    Did Trump "negotiate" a Pfizer vaccine? Really drive a hard bargain to get them scientists working?

    Holy fuck the level of retardation required to believe that is truly breathtaking.

  19. Trump put the pieces in place for Pfizer and other drug companies, CHUD. Get up to speed or go back to bed.

  20. 7:32 is brain-damaged

  21. Trump was smart enough to get the U.S. military and all the major package carriers involved. Smart man he is. Smart ass you are.

  22. Obama still holds the record for high black unemployment. Is that your hero? Maybe so, so you can continue to sit on your ass all day.

  23. ^^and yet that's not true and you're making it up. Weird.

  24. More fuckin lies from more fuckin liars. WEAR THE SLAVE MASK PROLES!!!!


  25. "I would really strongly encourage hospitals to stop asking people to send them cloth masks and instead asked for respirators. I don’t necessarily discourage the public from wearing them if it makes them feel comfortable, but I hope they don’t think that they’re protecting themselves."

    Lisa Brosseau, ScD

  26. My biggest problem with telling people they can wear masks is it gives you this false sense of security. And it might even encourage you to think that now you’re protected and you’re protecting people around you.

  27. “'Do masks become collectors and retainers of pathogens that the mask wearer would otherwise avoid when breathing without a mask?' and '(Are there) long-term health effects on healthcare workers, such as headaches, arising from impeded breathing?' The last one, of course, should be answered for the general public, too."

    Until these questions are answered by agenda-less groups outside of a politicized setting, we should all continue to fight for these answers and to avoid succumbing to the mask myth.

    Read More: Masks don’t work ⁠— this is the best and most thorough argument | https://nj1015.com/masks-dont-work-this-is-the-best-and-most-thorough-argument-opinion/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

  28. WAAH! WAAH! I want you to wear a face diaper because I'm a pussy that has to have his opinion given to him instead of relying on facts!

  29. FUCK YOU

  30. Marco now battling against intellectualism and expertise, kind of Castroesque.

    Smart people bad, dumb people good.

  31. "Everything is geared toward the tech billionaires or the people who have talk shows." At least they are supporting themselves and thousands of others through their business enterprises. You should try to do the same, instead of relying on taxpayers to support you.

  32. @1:10, sorry for your loss. I had a fairly separated associate who died of Influenza A this year, left behind 3 younger kids who are now being raised by their Grandparents, the other parent died in a car crash 3 or 4 years ago. That said, is it tragic? Yes. Should I demand that a restaurant Owner with 3 young kids of their own, and a number of full time employees, several with you kids, be forced to shut down and become dependent on the State? Absolutely not. Death is tragic, especially for those close to it. However, people die daily, an average of 7,700 per day in our Country. Destroying the economy of our Country, and hundreds of thousands of families, to protect against a small fraction of a percentage of deaths is simply not reasonable nor feasible in ANY public policy stance (unless that policy maker has a goal of uniform dependency).

  33. 7:55 You're a CHUD. Weird.

  34. 9:43 - your disingenuous concern is duly noted. especially when you try to compare the flu to COVID. your own POTUS privately expressed how much more deadly and communicable COVID was compared to the flu...but sure, carry on and by all means don't be bothered with precautions like masks and avoiding inside dining.

    Cue the retards coming out with a link to ithinkimacommunicablediseaseexpert.com in 3,2,1.

  35. ...SHUT UP

    FAUCI IN 2021!

  36. MDSF's illegitimate bi-racial rape child12/28/20, 3:01 PM

    And don't bang a black tubby after bong hits right Dad?

  37. Trump's supporters dont wear masks (as a political statement) and wont take the vaccine as they say Covid19 is a minor illness.

    I watched a clip of Trump today - back in March he said we had 15 total cases in the USA and it would be gone soon. Then marketed hydrocloroquine and a disinfectant to spray inside people's lungs. Even a Junior high school kid would never have suggested those. Trump is partly. yes partly resposible for the deaths of 350,000 Americans, including many Republicans like Herman Cain who got covid at a Trump rally and died. He told his family he didnt want to wear a mask as it would disagree with Trump's comments. He paid the ultimate price and Herman was a Republican Presidential candidate some years ago. Has Trump always worn a mask and called it a "killer virus" people would have taken precautions. More dead now than WWII dead.

  38. ^^^^

    So Herman Cain died of Covid caught at a Trump Rally and Trump lost! Thats a huge Lose/Lose situation. So now his family has to go to probate court, divide up assets, cash in life insurance policies, pay off debts in his name, pay for funeral, decide what to do with his personal belongings. All cause he would not wear a mask!

    Covid is NOT harmless to 99% of folks. Amputation of legs happened to the White House Chief of security a few weeks ago. Want to lose your legs for Covid? While those that wear masks have legs 5 years ago when it all a thing of the past and easily wiped from the face of the earth? You legs or your mask?

  39. ...Q-A-Nappy 3:01...got a load of 'trump' here...get your spoon...buffet is open....
    and wash it down with some 'PencePiss'...

    You're Welcome...


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