Kansas City Chiefs: So Good They're Dull???

Fan confidence is at an all time high ahead of the playoffs. Check this missive which imagines that the team is dominating the league without even trying . . . Read more:

Are the Kansas City Chiefs flawed or just bored?

Stop me if you've heard this one before. On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs were clearly the better team, but because of some mistakes and sloppy play, they had to hold on to a close win. At this point it now feels like the defining characteristic of the 2020 Chiefs season.


  1. Put this in contrast with football in the 1970’s when it was common for a score to be 6-3
    The chiefs are good, but throwing the ball so much will backfire eventually

  2. ^^^ Truth.

  3. A thirty-yard-sack is not boring.

  4. Four turnovers by the Chiefs and they still win. That rarely happens in the NFL and shows how explosive the Chiefs are.

    Greatest QB and wide receiver corps in the NFL right now.

    The Chiefs Defense is aggressive and great under Spags.

    Only weakness is the running game which is average.

    This is a once in a lifetime team, enjoy it as we have maybe a three year window left.

  5. The NFL is boring, 3 hours of commercials.

  6. Chiefs have shown many times this year they can be beat but for a play or two. Not exactly dynasty material. The answer is they are bored and not as good
    as local hype would have it.

    Hype seems to be the best regional output along with hot air.

  7. They've squeaked by a win every game for the past 3, 4 games. That strategy is not gonna work well for them in the postseason.

    I almost wish they catch one loss before the playoffs just to give them a kick in the ass so they'll focus.

  8. KC Star editorial board said today they should change their imagery and name?

    Someone should organize a protest and demand they go out if business for the good of KC.

    They only serve to divide. They helped throw the Election by not investigating Hunter Biden.
    KC is better off without the star.
    Tell QT and any other place it sold to go fuck the KC Star.
    And tell anyone who has it in their driveway to go fuck themsleves.


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