Kansas City Charities Suffer 2020 Slump

As the nation keeps waiting for stimulus, many locals are too broke to donate. Sadly, Kansas City has "non-profit" economy that keeps a great many people employed and so locals tightening their purse strings has a greater impact beyond hobos & wayward pets.

Take a look . . .

Charities struggle this holiday season

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- COVID-19 has affected everything from our health to the economy. One of the areas it's hit hardest is in fundraising. So many local organizations depend on donations to do what they do. From puppies, to playgrounds. Kansas City is rich with charitable organizations to help those in need.


  1. Hard to contribute when the unemployment runs out.

  2. No shit they are suffering. Everybody has a hand out for more of people's paycheck, the biggest thief being government. I'll start giving again when Gov't quits taking even more of my money and painting BLM murals on potholed roads.

  3. ^^Thanks paw paw, nobody’s missing the dollar you stuff in the kettle every year. Now get the Rona and die, you fucking waste of a life.

  4. Milles love big Gov't, that's who will take care of them in old age.

  5. ^^Will you be applying for Social Security when you grow old?

    You should take the moral high ground & refuse to apply, because Social Security is Socialism.

  6. If you are counting on Social Security, or Gov't at all for your retirement you are a moron (or millennial). Yes, I will take SS benefits, but not because I need them, rather to try to claw back some of what I paid into...

  7. Those who believe that Social Security is some form of welfare, don't know about Social Security.

  8. It is forced welfare. Gov't doesn't trust people to save for themselves, so to save people from themselves Gov't takes earnings from workers and returns scraps during retirement to prevent those undisciplined while they were young from starving.


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