Kansas City Catholics Talk COVID Depression

A faith-based guide to coping with a global crisis . . . Check-it . . .

Depression: Is it normal to feel what I'm feeling?

by Moira Cullings moira.cullings@theleaven.org One out of every three Americans reported in a recent study experiencing feelings of anxiety or depression, according to a survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics and the Census Bureau. It seems like a startling statistic, but it's not surprising, said Dr. Eric Gaughan, a Catholic psychologist in Overland Park.


  1. DEPRESSION is the lie that you go to purgatory when you die and for millions of years try to work your way to heaven there. Or wait for people to pray you out. What a crock

  2. ^^Do not doubt Purgatory or Hell.
    They are real.

  3. Don't know about Purgatory but in 36 days America's sentence in Hell is up.

  4. 6:15 Laughed Out Loud !!!!!!!!

  5. Was raised Catholic. Folks devout Catholics. Altar boy. Catholic schools until junior yr. high school. Great education. Enjoyed the priests, nuns and brothers.

    However, finally grew up, looked around, used my mind, and saw god was/is a myth, a crutch for folks too timid to face reality.

    1. You had a chance. You can't complain when you go to Hell

  6. Hell is real. Purgatory is a fund raiser for the church. Anyone with 5 minutes to spare can see thru the ponzi scheme of purgatory. The Catholic Church looks like the way to heaven - its a portal to hell. Many religous people will go to hell. Being a "pretty good person" earns you hell.

    Repent and be saved

  7. @8:50....we've just been through 4yrs. of 'hell'...
    @4:26....don't know 'bout hell or purgatory....
    but The Limbo is for real....just ask Chubby Checker......



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