Friday, December 18, 2020


For once, here's a peek at Missouri legislation that actually helps to promote local biz rather than crackdown on people just trying to make a buck . . . Read more:

New bill in Legislature would make alcohol to go sales permanent

During the pandemic, restaurants in Missouri have been able to sell cocktails to go thanks to an emergency order. A new bill in the Legislature is hoping to make that permanent. For KC Daiquiri Shop in downtown Kansas City, alcohol to go sales have been crucial for business.


Anonymous said...

How is that not drive up DUI?

Anonymous said...

Apparently they have nothing more important in the middle of a pandemic someone has the balls to file this bill

Anonymous said...

This promotes drinking and driving... Stupid white folks.

Anonymous said...

^^ Race baiting 24/7 must be a terrible way to live your life.

Anonymous said...

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