Kansas City Biz Desperate For COVID

The latest gift from Prez Trump & the government won't go very far but it's better than nothing. Accordingly, this report offers a great look at weekend small biz desperation . . . Read more:

KC metro's small businesses in limbo with pandemic financial relief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Small businesses in the Kansas City metro are counting on another COVID-19 relief bill to stay afloat as the pandemic continues into the new year. And it's a waiting game they don't want to play. "We're patiently waiting, but, like, we need it," Claudia Griggs, Succotash assistant manager, said.


  1. “Gift,” from Trump? You mean piece of shit pittance while he gives the wealthy millions of dollars in tax breaks. You’re an idiot, Tony.

  2. Sorry folks! The dims insisted we send the vast majority of the money outside the country. They said $600 is plenty for the deplorables.

  3. @8:48, nice example of selective memory you have going on there.
    The Democrats fought for $1,200 checks since May, then agreed to the GOP's $600 maximum in order to get SOMETHING into the American people's hands, knowing that there could be more after January 20th without all the drama!
    And the Republicans are the ones who loaded the Bill with Pork!

  4. ^^^ you’re a lyin dog faced pony soldier, all you despicable dimwits know how to do is lie. Effing idiot.

  5. Meanwhile, I'm golfing every day on the taxpayer dime. MAGATS conveniently ignore my wasteful spending...


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