Kansas City Ballet Dances For Federal Dollars

OR . . . Swan Lake seeks stimulus.

OR, even better . . .


Check this misplaced priority and one of the many reasons that politicos are STILL fighting over spending bill whilst working-class Americans suffer.

To be fair, the cowtown upper-class mistakenly believes that their pastime actually helps the plebs. 

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Kansas City Ballet could see much-needed funds from pending stimulus deal

The pending stimulus package earmarks $15 billion for struggling performing arts venues. Those funds could help the Kansas City ballet. Without ticket sales for live performances, Executive Director Jeffrey Bentley says the organization is dependent on contributions from donors."Overall, we've lost at least, in just ticket revenue alone, three and a half million dollars," said Bentley.


  1. Why didn't the women and men dancers start Only Fans and Chaturbate accounts to bring in money the last 9 months? Low hanging fruit...

  2. Why aren’t they shut down? Restaurants are closed so should they.

    More dimwit stupidity right there, just like Nancy palooza wanting 40 million for the Kennedy center in the covid stimulus, this shouldn’t even be a question. Shut. It. Down.

  3. Poor babies, an unneeded and definitely not essential service. Businesses all over the country lost way more and they aren’t getting any help. Get unemployment like everybody else has too.

  4. but if a ballet company folds, good grief the time and effort to re-create it, vs a smaller amount to keep it alive.

    not necessarily a bad idea given the scope of the program, billions and billions.

    but kc ballet been hurt by devon carney we like a ballet theater now.

    these performers may just quit the field and get grinder jobs in the bullshit economy - is that what you resentful D bags really want?


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