Kansas City 2020 WIR 2020 Year In Review

The annual Kansas City newsmaker roundup and mainstream journalist perspective on 2020 was exceptionally lively and optimistic — Which is nice considering the tragic circumstances.

We many not totally agree but there's no question that these opinions serve to shape the "official" story of Kansas City this year.

Check the description . . .

"Nick Haines, Eric Wesson, Dave Helling, Dana Wright and Steve Kraske review the year and choose the story that made the greatest impact, pick Kansas City's Person of the Year, determine the year's biggest winners and losers, select the most over reported and under reported stories and make predictions for 2021."

Take a look . . .

You decide . . .


  1. Definitely don't always agree but this was their best show of the year. Saved the best for last.

  2. Dana has to be one of the dumbest people on planet earth, oh I can’t forget Kim burns on channel 4 either, these two are just plain stupid.

    Dave helling and Eric Wesson just love hearing themselves talk about nothing.

    Comrade krapske, ugh......


    The program from JOCO liberal-controlled KCPT in which they invite corporate media propagandists to shape public opinion for their geriatric audience.

    Dana Wright -- didn't she get fired years ago from a local TV news station? The divorcee then married another TV newsie (Kris Ketz) and joined Scott Parks on the radio to blab about "nothingness."

    Steve Kraske -- JOCO KS resident formerly with the KCStar editorial board before being jettisoned to far-left KCUR radio and the liberal halls of UMKC academia. When not trying to rename Plaza fountains or KC boulevards, he attempts to keep his children out of jail.

    Dave Helling -- another JOCO KS resident who's made a career lecturing KCMO on the necessity for higher taxes and inefficient municipal government. Helling has somehow managed to remain on the bankrupt Star's editorial board by allowing them to keep his balls in a jar on a shelf. We imagine he'll make it to retirement before discovering McClatchy has sold his soul to an offshore hedge fund.

    Eric Wesson -- While I'm throwing darts at the others, Mr. Wesson is in a different class here. United States Marine, Morehouse College, brief stint as a teacher, messed up with drugs and went to prison, emerged determined to make a difference in KC's black community, and has been at The Call for almost 20 years.

    Nick Haines -- JOCO KS resident via Wales, United Kingdom. Thanks to his accent, years ago the leadership at KCPT assumed he was an intelligent, responsible journalist. Maybe he can do commercial voice-overs when he retires?

    Story of the year? How local and national media completely sold-out the American public on the truth behind the coronavirus "pandemic"!


    Of the 5 people on this program (4 guests + 1 host) isn't it true that 4 of them live in Johnson County Kansas? Please think about that fact, and understand that the real name of this program should be, "Kansas City Week in Review by Liberal Johnson County Kansas Talking Heads"...and that's an absurdity!

  4. "Story of the year? How local and national media completely sold-out the American public on the truth behind the coronavirus "pandemic"!

    Bullshit. You really believe in a conspiracy amongst all journalists, both local & national? That's not possible.

    You seem to think you know the truth, but how did you come up with this information? From the Media, dumb ass.

    The biggest story of the year is the complete cluster fuck that is Donald Trump.

  5. Alpinista at 12:00 fell off the mountain to his death with that lame response.

    Nobody said anything about a "conspiracy" or "Donald Trump," you were the only one who brought those up. And you were unable to refute any of the facts mentioned.

    Weak people are incapable of thinking logically and defending their viewpoint, they can only shout obscenities and attempt to distract.

    Of the 5 people on the program, how many live in Johnson County, Kansas?
    Of the 5 people on the program, why is the gender ratio 4-to-1 favoring males?
    Of the 4 invited panelists, why are all of them politically Left?
    Why are 2 of the 4 panelists KC Star loyalists?
    The largest minority group in the country are Latinos, why does KCPT discriminate against them?

    KC is WEAK in Reviewing the News!

  6. ^^TL/DR. Nobody has any kind of time for this.


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