Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Kansas City 2020 Disney Iced At Downtown T-Mobile Center By Dr. Rex???

Pandemic restrictions persist and threaten plans for the new year. Here's hopeful news for youngsters earning rebuke from City Hall health officials. . . Read more:

Disney on Ice not yet approved by KCMO Health Department

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Disney fans may not get to see their favorite characters on the ice at the T-Mobile Center as previously announced Tuesday after all. Kansas City, Missouri, Councilman Eric Bunch tweeted Wednesday afternoon that Disney had not submitted an approval request to the KCMO Health Department as required for large gatherings.


Anonymous said...

Oh rexy, you’re messing with the wrong people again, they will eat you alive but wait! If the nba wants to come here are you gonna nix them too?

Is it because it’s a white thang? You surely can’t and won’t tell the negro basketball league they can’t play games here because that would be racist.

You got some serious sprainin to do.

Anonymous said...

I went online to buy tickets, 4, at 25.00 each.
TIckets were 100.00, an additional 50.00 in fees.
The equivalent of 2 tickets.
Facility fee and convenience fee. It's more convenient
to stay home. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Kansas City will never recover from the decisions of their retarded leaders.

Anonymous said...

The price of everything will be going up. Isn't government crackdown and $15 an hour great?

Anonymous said...

6:24 totally sees through all the bullshit.

What an intellect.

KC said...

Didn't think droplets could survive falling on ice?