Kangaroos Debate Winter COVID Lockdown

Given that there's not really any student life to speak of, a lockdown at the city college isn't such a big deal. Still, across the nation college students contend that they're not really getting their money's worth for Interents training.

Check the local debate . . .

UMKC students voice mixed opinions on shift to online-only classes

UMKC Chancellor Mauli Agrawal announced on Nov. 18 that most of the remaining in-person classes will move online for the rest of the semester. Clinicals, labs, and experiential classes will remain in-person, but all lecture-based courses will be taught virtually. Not all students were pleased with the announcement.


  1. Current Higher Education model is broken and over-priced.

    $100,000 to obtain a degree is ridiculous.

    Paying idiot, overpaid Professors a $150,000 + a year is insane.

    "Professors" be paid comparable to a high school teacher. Teaching elementary and high school students is ten times more difficult then teaching college kids.

    Degrees should be competency based on passing rigorous certifications specific to one's career which could be completed on-line.

    Spending an extra $80,000 to learn about Gender Studies, the Age of Transexualism, Communism is Great etc. in order to earn your degree needs to end.

  2. ^^

    Evening College - Adjunct Faculty (non-PhD) teach classes and earn $3,500 per class.

    The very same class a College Professor teaches but earns $150,000.

    Adjunct Faculty are actually better teachers as they have real-life working experience.

    College Professors only know what they read out of a text book. No practical experience.

    Best College instructors were those from the Corporate world.

    The "Professors" were weird and ignorant of modern applications


  3. Hey Chancellor Mauli,

    I have a mouse in my pants.

    Reach in my pockets and tickle it to hear my mouse squeek !

    China Joe Biden

  4. "Not all students were pleased with the announcement."

    Not everybody is please with any of the changes brought about by the pandemic, but we suck it up and get on with our lives.

  5. 10:37, you are right. Adjuncts are the last vestige of slavery in America. Tenured leftist professors talk a good game when it's somebody else's money and privileges at stake, but they would squeal like stuck pigs if the concepts of equity and equality were applied to them.

  6. Colleges and Professors nowadays get paid to teach communism and anti American rhetoric by China, Russia, Arab countries and communist South American countries. The funny thing is this all started with the worst president on earth, Barry obummer, coincidence?

    No, not one bit.

  7. ^^Blah blah blah. Shut up Boomer.


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