Kander Talks PTSD Recovery

He remains one of the highest profile Democratic Party and Veteran's activists in the nation . . . This Kansas City public radio conversation is worth a listen and offers insight into why he has so many fans on both sides of the aisle.

Check-it . . .

Jason Kander Opens Up About His PTSD So Others Know Recovery Is Possible

Since Jason Kander narrowly lost his bid for one of Missouri's U.S. Senate seats in 2016, he's focused on fighting voter suppression and helping veterans in need. Kander has been very public with his own PTSD and depression, which caused him to drop out of the 2019 Kansas City mayoral race.


  1. This whole thing is a scam. Kander barely left his office in Afghanistan...I don't believe his story.

  2. And his wife is from RUSSIA.


  3. aww..c'mon..there was that horrific afternoon..when the A/C went out in Pander's office in downtown Kabul...and he got all sweaty..

    the horror..the horror!

    1. Have you seen the hot Russian and Czech babes on Porn Hub? Their only desire is to fulfill a man's carnal desires.

  4. Donald J. Trump12/5/20, 7:19 PM

    “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

    1. One of many debunked lies, thanks for the reminder

  5. "One of the highest visibility Democrats in the nation"?
    Talking to Hillary on an obscure blog and changing his story every month?
    A narcissistic phony desperate for attention.
    And if he's thinking of running for the US Senate again in Missouri, he will be crushed.

  6. Jason is a pussy and will always be a pussy. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he announced that he was gay and likes to suck dick.

  7. "Kander has been very public with his own PTSD and depression"

    Oh My God! Local media actually used the word "DEPRESSION" in the same sentence mentioning Kander!

    Please recall that immediately following his surprise withdrawl from the Mayor's race, after his initial statement, he nor the media ever again mentioned his clinical depression, focusing solely upon his so-called PTSD.

    All emphasis has been on this Toy Soldier's "heroic PTSD" when his depression has been present long before he joined the military and served for a couple of months in Afghanistan. Kander admitted that he never fired his weapon in Afghanistan, and his role as an intelligence officer (oxymoron) was a useless paper trail chase looking for corruption in a country built upon corruption.

    Does Kander actually think that he can worm his way back into politics as a candidate? I'm diagnosing he's psychotic. Guys who confessed contemplating suicide do not get back into politics. He's such an addict that he apparently can't resist the temptation to destroy everything good about his life.

  8. Who in the fuck is this guy? Tony keeps posting about him, but I cannot find where he has done anything worth getting mentioned, let alone excited about.

  9. Hello Jason,
    Would you like to learn something we've never before publicly disclosed?
    Enough time has elapsed that we'll tell you some of the story.
    We had opposition research material on several candidates in the primary.
    When JJ withdrew and endorsed you, it quickly became evident that the race would be between you and Q.
    We saw your attempts to neutralize Q's support, and always enjoying a good fight, offered him our services.
    We dug deep and uncovered your dark secrets. Once the records were secured, we knew it was the knockout punch. Team Q was willing to pay the piper for the golden ticket.
    Not wanting to make a big public mess, we leaked to you what was inevitable and allowed you to honorably withdraw.
    You made the wise choice, handled the fallout, while we got the victory.
    JJ having tainted herself, and facing her own scandal, was never able to regain the momentum.
    Nothing personal, it was business. Keep fighting for veterans and stay out of the game, it's cutthroat and your friends will sell you out.

  10. I mailed Jason a bottle of Scope and a dummy hand grenade to help him with his supposed PTSD

  11. PTSD can be treated, but not the way he's implying.

    You learn to manage the symptoms, but you DO NOT recover.

    The "wiring" in your brain has been altered. The memories are hard wired. That's why you can't ever get away, even when you sleep.

    He's deluding himself, but he's probably getting a lot of help doing that.

    1. Many people with PTSD can recover. There are newer treatment modalities that have been startingly effective, such as EMDR.

      Stick to what you know, woke-joke.

  12. I'll rewire him!

  13. More shirtless pics, Jace.
    Less clothes, Jace.
    I know that your are cut, you hot stud.

  14. 9:34 is just making things up as he goes along. We know who he is.

  15. Jason opens up about his PTSD to make political hay of it while the sun shines.

  16. What a fucking pussy


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