Johnson County Powerless For Christmas

The grid goes down for a bit in the "lower" Golden Ghetto as THOUSANDS of people wake up to the cold, hard reality of worsening American infrastructure and not a lot of cash to fix it. 

Check the latest update . . .

Evergy power outage affecting Shawnee and Overland Park

KANSAS CITY, Ks. - A power outage is affecting more than 4,000 customers in Shawnee and Overland Park. An Evergy spokesperson said the outage was reported at 4:30 a.m. According to the spokesperson, Evergy has a crew on-site making repairs. Some power has been restored. A cause for the outage has not been determined.


  1. When machines start dying from the Wuhan Wheezer, we'll know it's real. Car stopped running? It died from Covid. Laptop won't boot up? It's Covid. Vibrator won't vibrate? You gave it Covid because it didn't have a mask. Here comes 2021.

  2. ^^Even bigger idiot

  3. Just a testing for Joe's Green New Deal, get used to not having heat. BTW- all heat sources come from Oil and gas. In fact, you are using oil and gas right now. AKA- when you really don't know one thing about what you support. Just like your typing. BTW 2 - pot growing uses 4 % of California's energy. Emails /charging smart phones use a majority of ours.


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