Tuesday, December 15, 2020

JoCo SOB Confronts 'Stop The Steal'

One of our favorite JoCo bloggers offers an important Conservative perspective on the continued MAGA arguments that have proven unsuccessful in court or anywhere else . . . Read more:

Please Stop - Message to my Republican Friends

Dear fellow Republicans, It is time to stop this pathetic voter fraud story line . The cast you brought in to sell this story is awful, the writers blew it and the show runner couldn't get a job on the CW. Has any part of this story gone well?


Anonymous said...

Voter fraud is real, it’s just near impossible to beat the deep state. Anybody who doesn’t think this election wasn’t rigged is just plain stupid.

And as usual, nothing will happen and the American public gets screwed because a handful of wealthy people control everything.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that guy!

chuck said...

"Sure there was voter fraud and corruption from election officials but it is the job of the party to prove it to us all beyond a shadow of a doubt"

Turn off CNN.

Sharyl Attkison is the soul of Compos Mentis and one of the most respected journalists in the United States to this day, even by CNN.


That is a significant, voluminous and compelling list of electoral malfeasance that no one with above room temp IQ can deny.

In the only precinct so far, where the Dominion/Smartmatic computers were allowed to be forensically studied, they were found -

"We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election"

This Computer fraud is now undeniable and as the days go by, those of us with more than a cursory interest in the actual results of the election vis a vis those of us who are willing to bend the knee to the threats of violent Democrat/BLM/AntiFa scum who threaten violence if the truth is known, do not intend to CAVE into threats as does jocosob.

The calls for acquiescence are just as treasonous, seditious and pusillanimous as the actual commission of treason and sedition at this point.

chuck said...

“Violence does not always and necessarily lunge straight for your throat; more often than not it demands of its subjects only that they pledge allegiance to lies, that they participate in falsehood.”

– Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

This is a coup, plain and simple and Big Tech, the Deep State, the DNC and the lickspittle, mewling MSM are behind it, support it and should be punished for it.

chuck said...

When you grasp the implications of a conspiracy of Silicon Valley billionaires, left wing media outlets, Soros, Bloomberg, Wall Street, shadowy dark money contributors, the leadership of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and the Democrat party to rig and steal a presidential election you realize our country has been captured by a treacherous band of evil quislings.

“Whether in actual fact the policy of the boot-on-the-face can go on indefinitely seems doubtful. My own belief is that the ruling oligarchy will find less arduous and wasteful ways of governing and of satisfying its lust for power, and these ways will resemble those which I described in Brave New World. Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning and narco-hypnosis are more efficient, as instruments of government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into obedience.”

– Letter from Aldous Huxley to George Orwell – 1949

jocosob can bend the knee, not me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

More Anonymous Than You Are said...

So, "Chuck" whutyagonnado?
You're in this World as it is, Buddy, and all your referencing to discredited Conspiracy Freaks as "respected Journalists" is becoming boring. Either accept the reality that your tin-pot would-be Dictator Lost, or transfer your pseudo-elitist babbling to some more receptive platform.

Your three personas, "Bandit" "Chuck" and "Retro Rocker" have made themselves blatantly apparent here, (syntax hasn't been your friend) so trying to keep up the myth of their separate existence has become ludicrous. You can keep on clowning here on TKC if you want, but don't think for a moment that you're going to convince anybody or convert anyone to your loony tunes zeitgeist.

Oh, and feel free to "Anonymously" pile on the support for your own posts and attacks on anyone with the hubris to disagree with you, I for one welcome your rants.

chuck said...

7:31 Whistling through the graveyard.

As of now, the percentage of Americans who believe that the election was rigged is at 60%.

That includes 30% of Democrats.

Most folks are too busy to be deep in the weeds with information that proves beyond ANY reasonable doubt that this election was rigged. But, as time goes by, no matter who is elevated on Jan 20, 2021, make no mistake, just like the Hunter Biden laptop, the truth will out.

Pretending like Jimmy C., that everyone will just "Move on" is preposterous. Best scenario for Democrats and I believe, the actual plan taking place behind the curtain, is Nancy and Chuck Schummer along with the DNC forcing Joe to resign because of health reasons and throwing Hunter under the bus as a lagniappe to the conservative masses who are seething and ready to take to the streets.

Then the apotheosis of Kammy Harris will commence in hopes of a 2024 win.

Joe will be president for about 20 fuckin minutes.

chuck said...

7:36 I don't know "Bandit" and "Retro Rocker" dumb fuck.

"Conspiracy Freaks"?

What a joke, the prima facie evidence in in your fuckin face and no matter how much you and the MSM gaslight the American people, this shit is coming out. Now get back to eating Cheetos and surfin porn moron.

Anonymous said...

One out of 10 Demoncraps and nearly a third of Independents think the election was rigged in Sleepy Joe's favor. Those figures alone tell you plenty. The people who cheated in Democrapic-run cities in swing states will rot in hell. Karma will be a bitch. Look for the Republicans to take back the House in 2022.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just the mail-in voter fraud of millions of ballots.

This sham election included Corporate Media broadcasting mis-information and suppressing any stories of corruption related to China Joe Biden which have now been proven to be true.

This sham election included Facebook and Twitter censoring tens of millions of conservative voters.

This sham election included a arbitrary change in voting rules by Democrat Governors and Judges who violated the U.S. Constitution.

This sham election included four years of a false Russian Collusion story against President Trump.

This sham election included an impeachment of President Trump for disclosing China Joe Biden's Ukraine and China foreign corruption

This sham election included debate moderators attacking President Trump.

This sham election included demented, corrupt life-long politician, Joe Biden, for cowering in his basement for eight months with five people showing up for his campaign rallies.

This sham election included Corporate Media blaming President Trump for corona virus instead of Communist China.

China Joe Biden will NEVER be the President of 80 million Americans who legally voted for President Trump.

Oliver Platt Naked And Fused To A Leather Recliner said...

Don't let the cucks, cunts, and commies get you down, Chuck. You're doing great. Nothing is over until January 20th at high noon, and even then it won't be over. Better Dead Than Red !

Anonymous said...

Corrupt Joe Biden did not win this election.

Biden didn't even win the Democrat Primary.

Joe Biden was selected by the elite as he is a known, trusted corrupt politician that they can control.

President Trump was hurting the elites with his tough trade policies with Communist China.

As a fellow member of the working class; we will see more U.S. jobs exported to China and more illegal immigration into the United States to depress wages and benefits that the elite will pay to their workers.

Illegal immigration is about cheap labor for California agriculture, low level manufacturing jobs, and paying illegals below minimum wage earnings to fatten the pockets of the billionaires.

The above policies hurt Asians, Blacks, Hispanics and White workers equally.

Anonymous said...

3 in 10 Democrats 7:45

Anonymous said...

You know why Trump is so convinced there's fraud, because he fucking cheated and can't believe it didn't deliver a win.

Am I doing this right Trumptards?

Anonymous said...

And yet not one Democrat, and anyone with an IQ above 40 thinks there was voter fraud. A 1-60 record I n the courts also says there was no voter fraud. The Supreme Court with a Conservative majority says there was no voter fraud. Trump’s own people admit there was no voter fraud, and yet you CHUDS are sure there was. Hard pass on the anything you geriatric fucktards have to say. You lost, get over it, fuck your feelings. Sorry, not sorry. So weird!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^ Anyone with an IQ below 40 thinks this was an honest, legal election.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, what a tangled web got wove,
when first down schizophrenia's path Chuck drove."
(sorry, Sir Walter)

MDSF said...

...So, UpChuck...when do we see you and your GI Joe wanna-be's march down Shawnee Mission Pkwy?
...gonna kick in your neighbors door and mow down the family cause they voted wrong?...
...your Monkey lost the race...now start eatin' shit...it comes right out the ass of The tRumpMonkey himself...maybe a little 'insurrection'?...we can't wait to see what you Qrap-a-None motherfuckin' mouthbreathers do....
I feel a healthy trump commin' on...gotta' flush twice, it's a long way to The MarooLoogie Swamp.


Anonymous said...

Remember JFK? The military wanted him out of office too. Would you rather have Trump voted out by a massive fraud? Or have him leave this world like JFK?

Count up how many American presidents have been shot. Its alot compared to the small, only 45 presidents that have held office. Military chooses the leader.

Alpinista said...

Voter fraud is NOT real.

It didn't happen.

People who understand the process understand that fraud is nearly impossible.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it: to the average Trumpkin, the definition of a "free and fair" election is one in which Trump wins. Which, of course, is the very definition of a fixed election.

Anonymous said...

“Has it gone well?” .....about as well as your stupid Russia collusion story!

Saddam said...

When is trump going to shoot a rifle from the balcony of the white house?

Alpinista said...

Trump said that the election he won in 2016 was "rigged", too.

Is this the new Republican Mantra:

Vote Republican, because your vote doesn't count?

Mo Rage said...

That's surprising and refreshing.

And smart and correct.

Good on him.

Mo Rage said...


Where, tell us, do you get your bogus statistics?

Breitbart? Newsmax? OAN?


He lost. Get over it.

Fair, square, up front---he lost It's over.

He needs to, he should, for the first time in his life do the right, responsible, mature, thinking adult thing and concede.

But he's not. He's going to keep his grift going.

Thanks, for that.