Jackson County Democrats Blame Missouri Republicans For EPIC Revenue Drop

Revenue nitpicking might seem like a minor point to the uninitiated but calling out alleged fiscal incompetence is actually a big step forward for Missouri Democratic leaders who might have realized that social justice whining won't help their cause among skeptical voters who care more about money than culture war ranting.

Like it or not, this alleged FAIL totally belongs to the GOP super-majority in Jeff City and Republicans might have a hard time convincing voters of their skill when the State continues to come up short. 

Check the note from JaxCo Dems with the important part highlighted . . . 


State budget officials expect that net state general revenue collections for the upcoming fiscal year will decline by 4.1 percent compared to the anticipated collections for the current fiscal year, dropping by a hefty $418.8 million.

The governor’s administration and budget leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives agree to the so-called consensus revenue estimate most years just before the annual state budget process gets underway to ensure all parties are working from the same assumptions regarding how much money the state will have to spend in the coming fiscal year.

This will not come as a surprise to those who have been following Missouri's revenue and budgeting for the past several years. Revenues have been on a downward trend since a significant tax cut for businesses was passed by the Republican legislature despite a veto from then Governor Jay Nixon. Infrastructure, public schools and many other state services have suffered ever since while not much can be shown in the positive other than more campaign donations for Republicans. 

The minor amount of job growth, which has not been ahead of the national averages, has not made up the difference.


You decide . . . 


  1. look at how not a single state employee furloughed even when state economy closed

    look at the multiplication of offices that burden the people under greitens and parson. look at the hundred thousand salaries thrown at "the Mission Continues" flunkies at state government. idiots like Drew Erdmann have job titles like "chief executive officer" and have over $170,000 salary for a position that did not exist before.

    if there is to be any hope of "fiscal conservative" it has to be from the paltry democrat minority because the republicans under that arrogant cattleman Parson don't go e a damn about the economy or the citizens. This is the most predictable fiscal crisis. where were the cuts to the budget when this was in the forecasts instead of now, when it has happened? "we are conservatives we will run the government like a budget" yeah what a crock of shit that is

  2. Right because Jackson County Republicans went Nazi and shut everything down.

  3. ^^^ Missouri is a lot bigger than just Jackson County.

    GOP must take responsibility.

  4. They didn't shut down anything. Democrats statewide did.

  5. Just imagine if the Governor had shut everything down as the Democrats wanted. There would be much less revenue.

  6. KC and Jackson County have wasted more than that on crap like 18th & Vine, toy train, un-needed new airport, vacant hotels and on and on....

    All dems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A little fiscal restraint at home before complaining about the State might just be in order.

  7. Now we need a vaccine that will wipe out the GOP. GOP is killing the country

  8. There's already a vaccine for liberals. HIGH VELOCITY LEAD

  9. California governor facing recall from both parties- he shut down restaurants yet has highest deaths and infections.
    NY Cuomo shut down restaurants yet forced infected into nursing home deaths now being investigated as potential lawsuits ranging into billions.

    NJ Murphy shut down eateries and very high deaths and infections continue.

    These 3 states lead the way in deaths and people and companies move en mass to seek relief.

    Common thread? Democrat lead states. NY City DeBlasiio blamed for incompetence and no fed help coming. Take nite Mayor 10-10-10...declare bankruptcy and raise taxes and watch more move.

    Yet Trump invented Operation Warpspeed while Dems faked charges against him and now Hunter Biden and Joe looked to be linked in Putin’s back pocket.

    Be proud if you voted Democrat- incompetence and Putin loves you.

  10. ^^^ don’t forget chyna!


  11. Ha Ha Ha Ha Democrats are too busy dropping billions in China and stealing elections. Democrats are the dirtiest most evil people in the world right now they have no room to talk. What has a democrat ever done right? NOTHING they are communists. Oh and the KKK is not republican they are democrats that gave tons of money to the democrat party. Morons.


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