Independence, Missouri Announces COVID-19 Crackdown

On the bright side, they at least allow adults to stay out past midnight.

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Bars, restaurants and taverns in Independence required to close earlier in new order

INDEPENDENCE, MO - The City of Independence, starting at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, will require bars, restaurants and taverns to close at midnight. The city also said it will offer "strict consequences."


  1. Lots of sirens on N Oak tonight. Must be too many folks in bars.

  2. We here in rural Missouri salute you
    You are showing the whole world what the predictable consequences of government knows best philosophy is
    It’s not theory anymore

  3. The mayor of independence has a beautiful set of big, luscious tits

  4. It seems less like a crackdown and more like a lightening up. Independence had been following in lockstep with the Boy Blunder as Frank Hates Whites just copied KC’s decrees. Now, they are pushing back and allowing their bars and restaurants to stay open until midnight, just like the big boys over in JoCo. If Lee’s Summit were to follow along it would limit Wrecks Archer’s authority to KC proper and Raytown. We need all of the pushback we can get.


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