Saturday, December 05, 2020

Hype: Kansas City Streetcar Extension Will Save Midtown After COVID-19

Locals are desperate to bank on any sort of economic revival after the pandemic. It's worth considering this message has now moved beyond paywall content as local fixed rail advocates work diligently to to convince investors who may be skeptical about economic reality impacted by COVID-19.

Redux "news" without the paywall . . .

KC Streetcar's Main Street extension expected to bring new investors, developments to Midtown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Utility workers could dig up more than dirt and rock as they make way for one of Kansas City's largest coming infrastructure projects. Along Main Street, they're likely to unearth remnants of the city's original streetcar system - a robust network spanning both sides of the state line before being shut [...]


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Anonymous said...

How is this going to happen???? What the eff for? To bring people from one side to the other for what? A closed business? What this will do is let the bums travel around for more free money. Looks like the idiot is putting the cart before the horse. Quinton Lucas really needs to resign and KC needs a good business man to run the city not some racist moron.

Anonymous said...

And if you believe that you'll believe in unicorns and the tooth fairy too!

Anonymous said...

Just like all the other "investors" and "developers" in KCMO, these new mid=town folks will have $1.98 of their own money and need just $35 million or so from the taxpayers to pursue their dreams.
But you can be sure there'll be a big big payback for everyone when it all turns out to be another roaring success.
Maybe the "developer" from the Mission, Ks fiasco can get involved.
THE streetcar has to be the biggest joke to come along in KCMO for a very long time, which is saying a lot.
And once a quasi-public bureaucracy has been created, it never will go away.
It just gets bigger and bigger and blows through more an more tax money.
Dig deeper KCMO taxpayers.