Happy Rock Trickster Steals Christmas

Amid the "dark days" of Winter, check local crooks growing increasingly brazen as they steal happiness from the NEXTGEN.

Take a look . . .

Porch pirate disguised as delivery driver steals 14-year-old's presents

GLADSTONE, MO (KCTV) -- One Gladstone man with cameras outside his home says someone stole Christmas presents while in disguise. "Grabbed the packages and took off. Never even looked at the cameras at all," said Rob Hoesly. When the man walked up Hoesly's house, it was clear he wasn't here to drop off any packages.


  1. We need the Macgyver types out there to start rigging decoys - those are some righteous videos that show pirates getting their ass handed to them.

  2. Should be hung from the nearest tree when caught. We need some strong deterrents to crime.

  3. ^^You mean, like jobs?

  4. Or, get this, personal responsibility.


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