Hallmark Movie Conspiracy Exposed

The enduring "blogosphere" discovers a strange phenomena that provides the weird underlying theme of a sentimental Kansas City content juggernaut.

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Woman Notices Obvious Hallmark Movie Trend No One's Pointed Out Before

By Mustafa Gatollari Updated It's no secret that the Hallmark Channel is putting a lot of stock in its Christmas movies, why else would the network greenlight some 40 different Yuletide-themed flicks for 2020 alone?


  1. Music for all: "I'm dreaming of a caucasian Christmas."

  2. "Kwanzaa in Connecticut" is showing on BET this week. It's the story of Kamala Harris and a married Willie Brown getting down. Can't wait!

  3. Hallmark movies have something else in common:
    1) All of the characters are rich and affluent.
    2) No one has a job that they actually work at.
    3) All of the characters are drop-dead gorgeous.

    Granted, no one will tune in to watch some bald overweight loser, who is over their head in debt, with a shitty job, bandaging the wounds from a spouse battering, and getting fucked up on dope on Christmas Eve because no one wants to be near them.

    1. Can't imagine any of those gorgeous women chowing down on a stiff tube steak. And they don't poop either.

  4. Thanks all three. Laughed out loud.

  5. Remember, Hallmark is overrun with homosexuals. They’re not going to have anything cool like the female star getting gangbanged. They make star is always limp-wristed.

  6. ^^^^You must spend a lot of time watching Hallmark to have become such an expert on its programming. Maybe you'll be able to get back to Missy B's restrooms once the pandemic is over, sweetie.

  7. They poop like a model. Once a month.


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