Friday, December 04, 2020

Furloughs Coming Soon To KCI

This town's biggest airline continues to cope with harsh times and a vaccine might not help given that the pandemic has sparked a cultural shift that changes the way people live and DON'T travel for work and vacay.

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Southwest announces possible furloughs at St. Louis, Kansas City airports

The furloughs will take place in March of next year ST. LOUIS - Southwest Airlines has announced there could be involuntary furloughs at St. Louis and Kansas City airports in 2021 At St. Louis Lambert International Airport, a total of 110 employees would be furloughed, including 40 customer service agents, 14 operations agents, five provisioning agents and 51 ramp agents.


Anonymous said...

The great demoncrap shutdown and business killers of 2020 strike again.

Anonymous said...

Write the airlines and demand they pull out if KC.
If Mayor 10-10-10 can close restaurants with Wrecks Archer- then
There might be nothing for air travelers.

Fuck Mayor 10-10-10amd Wrecks... close KCI now!

Anonymous said...

And what would that accomplish, exactly?

Bandit said...

But they really need that new airport!

Anonymous said...


Southwest Airlines is the big kahuna at KCI, accounting for about half of all departures.

This blog warned long before new terminal construction began that Southwest Airlines was likely to have financial problems going forward, and this would have dire consequences for funding the new project.

Reality Speaker said...

If the 25 million tourists stop coming, the toy train could also be impacted.

Of course, that minor detail should in no way affect plans to spend millions to extend the trolley line, because we have unlimited funds to put lipstick on this pig of a city, thanks to Sly and Qball.

Anonymous said...

Not a problem.
Most of the 25 million people who are counted as KCMO "tourists" the actually live in the metro or who are visiting from around the region.
Some from as far away as Omaha or Topeka!
The interstates are fine.
Of course, they'll be missing the millions of dollars of "art" at the new airport terminal and may be just visiting friends, but the Visit KC numbers clickers will be working overtime nonetheless.
The endless bubble of hype has to be refreshed daily.