Former Kansas City Star Newsman Contemplates Career After Newspaper Apology For Legacy Of Racism

Call this a confessional for a Kansas City news dude who reflects upon his role in an allegedly racist organization that's now trying to make amends with fewer resources and a decidedly inferior and quickly fading print edition.

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Thinking about The Star's apology for racist coverage

I was happy (though, as you will see, with understandably mixed personal feelings) to learn that journalism was changing for the better in terms of the racial makeup of those hired to cover the news when, in late 1969 or...


  1. How many racist columns did Billy write? You sinner you. Breath in all that white guilt.

  2. Suck my dick Bill!

  3. Let me see if I have this correctly. It’s ok for Allah and all Muslims to suck goat dick but I can’t be racist?

  4. Bill, no one gives a sh*t what you think in your disjointed, rambling piece of so-called commentary. It would be nice to include a point to your blog.

  5. Diversity Is Cancer12/30/20, 8:09 AM

    Racism = Any reality-based assessment of non-White behavior.


  6. Wait What racist coverage? Good God you can't even buy a box of Uncle Ben's rice without being a racist. Get over this crap. What we need in this country is a civil war to shock black people into reality they are the racist ones dredging up crap from hundreds of years ago that had nothing to do with us. You want racism???? Shove your monkey brains up your ass, trouble making freeloaders.

    1. Dumb idea about civil war.brothers were killing brother, dads were killing sons

  7. Bill Tammeus is an old man and an idiot!

  8. I can't believe Bill would even consider working for such a racist newspaper after their decades of racist news. Shame on you, Bill. Now go off and spank yourself until you feel better.

  9. So he wrote articles about what was then, and probably is now, a predominantly black area of the city. But I'd bet he never lived anywhere near it. Brookside or Overland Park, more likely.

  10. stinky kameltoe harris12/30/20, 10:05 AM

    Bill, how's it feel to spend your entire career writing about a total myth?

    Religion is a good deal like gubmnt. Never enough (of your) money, and seldom delivers on promises (prayers).

    Just a crutch, like welfare programs.


    Talk about PATHETIC!

    In this installment of Tammeus' Fictional Fibs, he wants you to believe that in 1969/1970 he was happy to be discriminated against because of his skin color when seeking employment. A TOTAL fabrication. A PREPOSTEROUS LIE.

    He then further provides an updated version of the classic White racist "but some of my best friends are Black" narrative.

    In 1970, Tammeus claims that he joined The KC Star as RACIAL SAVIOR "to help the staff report on urban dynamics, race relations and related topics." Because, you know, everyone in KC was a racist at that time and The Star had a "predominately white" staff. Insert photo of Tammeus' "black colleague" whom he allowed inside his house. He doesn't disclose if she was allowed to enter through the front door, or asked to serve drinks to the white attendees.

    To make perfectly clear who he loves writing about the most, Tammeus turns toward the mirror and reflects:
    1. I demonstrated..
    2. I then explored..
    3. I also focused..
    I was proud of that work but, as I look back on it now, I acknowledge that had I been..

    Finally, transitioning to his best self, a hectoring finger-pointing Liberal revisionist of history, he writes:
    "This failure to live by basic and essential religious standards was not (and still is not) surprising when we understand how Christians in a nation where a majority of the population still identifies as Christian have routinely violated that fundamental teaching about the essential dignity of all human beings. Think of slavery. Think of the many ways women have been treated as second-class citizens. Think of how LGBTQ+ people have been crushed over and over. And on and on."

    Please note that at no time did Bill Tammeus offer an apology for his OWN historical racism. He has absolutely no difficulty piling onto The Star's confessions of guilt, but he admits none of his own. He is a saint, devoid of defect, in his own delusional mind.

    Tammeus can conceptualize what's required, when he writes "Acknowledgment of one's own failures is the first step in fixing them." He just can't follow through and do the work.

  12. Billy is still preaching the value of diversity from the safety of his JOCO white enclave. This is nothing new.

  13. The star should apologize for being a bunch of pinkos first.

  14. I cancelled my subscription the following day.

  15. Charles Whitman12/30/20, 12:44 PM

    A very fine line to walk. No, innocent, law abiding, black people should not be persecuted for being black; but criminals should not be excused if they happen to be black.
    We all know that not all black people are criminals, likewise, not all blacks are innocent.
    But,it appears that most of the violent crimes are committed by blacks, not all but certainly most. This seems to be supported by FBI data.
    I get ít, racism is wrong. I try hard to not be racist.
    I'm just tired of being called a ”racist" based on my beíng white.

  16. ^^OK Boomer.

  17. What billy needs to apologize for is being anti Christian and anti American, racism is fake made up crap by the woke crowd begging for attention. Desperate to be a somebody is billy boy and the woke crowds unattainable goal in life.

  18. Charles Whitman12/30/20, 1:35 PM

    Coming from you, coward, that means a lot.

  19. Charles Whitman12/30/20, 1:38 PM

    I was addressing the coward at 1259.

  20. ^^OK Boomer. You get confused easily. we all know.

  21. Charles Whitman12/30/20, 3:33 PM

    Good comeback, coward.

  22. I ran several of MAGATS/Boomer Hater/Maude/Geezer/Pops/Geriatric Fu*ktard/Trumptard/Old People/Cuck/Weird/CHUD boy's comments through an online age detection app for written materials and it showed in the results that he is only 10 years old. You can tell his age by his lack of writing skills, limited vocabulary, and frequent temper tantrums. I'm guessing he dropped out of a special ed program and his mother doesn't know what to do with him, especially when he continues to wet the bed and fill his diaper. For his welfare, we’ve started a GoFundMe page titled “Save the 10-Year-Old Bed-Wetting Special Ed Dumbass."

  23. The Star building is a monument to racism. Due to it's unique design it will always be identified as representing a racist organization. Due to the precedent set with other monuments to racism, it should be removed from public view.

  24. I'm not apologizing for anything! Screw the black folks, I don't owe them shit.


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