Former Kansas City Council Dude: Now Is The Time To Narc On Your Neighbors

Community news item worth checking that offers hope to Kansas City residents of a just God and all of the answers to eternal local mysteries waiting on a mythical city hall help line.

Enjoy . . .

Now's the time to report property violations and nuisances

By John Sharp Now is a good time to report ongoing nuisance and property maintenance violations that are blighting your neighborhood such as trash and junk cars to the city of KCMO since the volume of such complaints decreases significantly as winter approaches so problems are more likely to get resolved quickly.


  1. Whats the point of reporting these violations, KCMO is powerless to do any meaningful enforcement. The East side of KCMO has thousands of current violations, many of which have been on the books for years. John Sharp knows the truth, there was nothing done when he served 2 terms on the city council.

  2. John sharp is a senile old bastard who made big bank while in office, he’s just scared his old sick ass self will die from covid before he can spend all his ill gotten gains.

    Fuck John sharp and the horse he rode in on. He doesn’t get to speak for anybody, he’s no longer relevant to anything going on in this shitty.

  3. ^^ you mean John sharp had his chance to make a difference and didn’t, he was and still is a worthless piece of shi....

  4. John Sharp is the nuisance. Time for John Sharp to go.

  5. Following former Councilman Sharp's advice, I'd like to report two nuisances that are blighting my neighborhood.

    I live in the part of Kansas City north of the River that the City Council isolated into the Fourth Council District (in violation of their own rules) in order to avoid recognition of the population growth in the Northland.

    This means that my neighborhood is blighted by being (nominally, but with no reality) by being "represented" by Councilwoman Katherine Shields and Councilman(?) Eric Bunch.

  6. There’s a special place in hell for John. ‘Put up with his dim-witted rants for years now.


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