Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Fans Fear Kansas City Chiefs Playoff Jinx

The Super Bowl champs are now confronted by paranoia and thousands of locals second-guessing their decisions. 

Check one of the better arguments going into the post-season . . .

The rest vs rust debate is overblown for the Kansas City Chiefs

All this week, Kansas City Chiefs fans are going to debate, read about, and question the philosophy of Andy Reid's approach to Week 17. Namely, they're either going to approve or disapprove of his handling of the roster moving forward given that the team's upcoming game against the L.A.


Anonymous said...

How can there be a playoff jinx ?

The Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year !!

Two years ago they were a Dee Ford offside penalty from going to the Super Bowl.

Patrick Mahomes is the greatest QB ever, stud receivers and the best TE in the NFL plus an agressive defense. Run game is a little weak.

Fuck the Chiefs said...

The Chiefs are known for choking in the playoffs. They will get blown out.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about those racist assholes. Next!

Anonymous said...

Golly I sure hope the hometown boys can do it.

Anonymous said...

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