Evergy Cancels Christmas Shut Offs

Just a quick bit of news for broke-ass locals enduring a hard candy Christmas . . .

A messsage of hope from Evergy . . .

"We know these are tough times for so many people in our communities. We have suspended disconnections for nonpayment through March 1 as a result of the pandemic, winter season and upcoming changes to our customer billing systems."

Developing . . .


  1. Buckshot....I have talked to plenty of people who have gotten threatening calls from Evergy. It's always the same pattern. "You owe money and if you don't pay RIGHT NOW we are coming over to shut things down!"

  2. Generous effort by Evergy during the holidays !

    6:36 probably wants the Government to own the utilities in her Communist utopia state.

  3. 6:36 yup, that’s how the world operates, you pay or you get cutoff so.

    Grow up soy boi, pay your damn bills or go back to mommies basement, loser.

  4. KCPL has got to have a way to raise funds to pay that retard-jackwad consultant for coming up with the stupid name EVERGY. EVER...GEE? Hahahahahaha


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