Monday, December 28, 2020


The so-called "Golden Ghetto" is looking rather trashy as of late. Check neighborhood outcry and a glimpse at the COVID-19 American housing crisis underway . . . Read more:

'It's disgusting and unacceptable': Residents, neighbors outraged at piles of trash at Overland Park apartments

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Trash piles up outside the dumpster at StoneBiar Apartment Homes and so do the complaints. People who live there are furious, as well as some who just drive by the mess. Lauren Blackburn snapped a picture of the massive pile of trash.


Anonymous said...

They are just taking their cues from KCMO

Anonymous said...

Ask Quinton Lucas to return the campaign contributions that Price Brothers real estate have made to him.

Anonymous said...

A shitty apartment complex in OP? Say it ain’t so! It’s the new way of the world there and it’s only going to get worse as more apartments crop up weekly throughout the tumor that is OP.

Anonymous said...

This the complex where the murders are always at ? Or am I confused for the other OP rat dens where they occur? OP has become a shit den, watch the hoodie rats constantly walk out in front of you on Quivira ( between 75 th and 87 th ) to prove me wrong. Great place to score dope and watch loitering however.