Another Sunday night gathering shut down Kansas City streets downtown.

It wasn't a huge loss considering that streets inside the loop were nearly abandoned.

But think about the investment reality . . .

KCMO taxpayers have sunk HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS INTO THE P&L DISTRICT along with EPIC subsidy for luxury housing nearby.

And all of this now serves as a glorified drag racing strip that erodes confidence in the ability of Kansas City to govern and protect the safety of residents.

Check-it . . .

KCTV5: Wild night of burnouts, drag races in downtown Kansas City raises questions on safety

Deets . . .

A wild night of burnouts and drag races in downtown Kansas City has left marks everywhere on the road.

It started about 10 p.m. Sunday at 13th Street and Grand Boulevard. The group responsible then left and came back and wrapped up sometime around midnight.

This same situation just happened last week in the same general area, and we’ve even seen incidents like this shutdown highways in the past.

Developing . . .


  1. The mayor & council are not longer in control.

    This is the future.

    Right on the streetcar line. Disgusting.

  2. ^^^

    Looks like fun times.

    If you don't own property nearby.

  3. Were they social distancing and did they have their masks on?

    Maybe it was a "Peaceful Protest" and the mayor's police force was too busy shutting down mom and pop restaurants to get there and stop the mayhem. After all, you have to prioritize.

  4. The city will have no problem so long as the cars stay six feet apart.

  5. Welcome to the era of de-policing. Back the badge or love the thugs!

  6. Chuck, you idiot, the World Health Organization, Dr. Fauci and the CDC determined (I talked to them on the phone last night right after I watched a rerun of "60 Minutes" where Leslie Stahl tears into Trump for being so stupid as to believe the lies about Hunter Biden.) that burning rubber is a deterrent to the Covid after 10PM.

    In fact, if bars and restaurants really wanted to stay open after 10PM, then they would take some of the enormous Capitalistic profits they are making every day in this holiday season and hire these young entrepreneurs to burn rubber right outside the still permisssible (Thanks to me!) outdoor dining.

    OUTDOOR dining in December is now in great demand here in KC. City Hall has it's finger on the pulse of the city and recognizes trends like the need for winter outdoor dining. I think, as temperatures drop even further, that dovetailing restaurant "stakeholders" with the need for the fumes of buring rubber in this plandemic, will produce the desirable results we need to "Flatten The Curve".

  7. As long as pedestrians aren’t being affected, what’s the big deal? Haven’t kids been doing this sort of stuff for decades?

    1. One time these idiots are going to injure someone or cause an accident. It is only a matter of time.

  8. As Professor McDrinkerson looked on impotently, wondering if kneeling would be helpful.


  9. Buy a million dollar condo in downtown Kansas City so you can experience the reality of a Mad Max Movie.

    Kids have drag raced for years but usually on deserted patches of highway.

    Noland Road had drag races back in the day but not hundreds of people doing burnouts etc.

    The Kansas City Government is a total failure from the lack of purity of water, to lack of law and order, to lack of paved streets, collasping sewer systems etc.

    Kansas City is repeated nationwide in every metro area that is controlled by the corrupt Democrat Party. Taxpayer funds go to politicians and their cronies pockets instead of basic services for the City's taxpaying citizens.

    Poor, working class citizens suffer the most under the Democrat Party.

    For whatever reason, poor working class citizens continue to vote for the corrupt Democrats.

    Every election year, the Democrats and their Corporate Media lackeys falsely roll out the race card propaganda against the Republican Party to secure their voters. How is desiring "law and order" in one's neighborhood is deemed racist is beyond me.

  10. Good thing that Mayor Q and Wrecks Archer have protected us from people behaving irresponsibly after 10 pm. We wouldn’t want these Goomers to have some regulated place to go to blow off steam. They should leave that behavior on the streets, where it belongs.

  11. They should use a closed Kmart parking lot. JC Penny warehouse in Lenexa used to allow car racing in their empty on saturdays

  12. This seems like fun, should setup a pop up shop to sell tires that fit hellcats

  13. I hope their insurance payments are through the roof. And stay that way if they do manage to identify any of them. Find a private parking lot to do that shit.

  14. Remember when the city tore down kci race track for a shiny spanking park with all the amenities that a park could have and once they took it over they didn’t do shit but put some paths for dog walkers.

    They could have supported events like this seven days a week if they just left the track alone.

    “Never underestimate the mayor and clowncil members ability to fuck everything up”

  15. After the fun, they have to steal stuff to pay for the uber expensive tires they just trashed. Slide, steal, slide, steal, slide, steal. See how it works?

  16. Come on, MAGATS. Just say it outright. You. Hate. N*ggers. Be a man and stand for what you believe, pussy. White Power!

  17. Block off the streets to car traffic on weekends.


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