Friday, December 25, 2020

Double Deadly Police Chase In KCK

Aftermath of a fatal Christmas Eve crash.

Meanwhile, expect local advocates to ramp up more complaints about po-po policy that often sparks tragic situations that, they claim, endangers the public more so than letting crooks get away. 

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2 dead after stolen truck strikes vehicle during pursuit in KCK

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Two people have died following a crash involving a stolen truck and a police chase in Kansas City, KS. A spokesperson for the KCK Police Department says around 1 p.m. on Friday, a truck was stolen in the area of N. 25th Street and Grandview Boulevard.


Anonymous said...

Coronavirus claims 2 more lives!

Anonymous said...

Is this what the New York Times means when it says kc morgues are overflowing! Roflmao!

Unknown said...

Assholes. I hate thieves.

Anonymous said...

Nigs can't stop niggin!

Anonymous said...

bad story.

these car thieves aren't so harmless.

this car thief crashed the stolen car into another car killing the two occupants.

this criminal deserves endless prison

not so sure easy pleas for 'tampering' cases is the way to go bc every car thief is a gateway into other crime networks.

both where the theft occurred and the fatal wreck occurred are nice areas. especially cathedral neighborhood.

KCK we need the district attorneys office to step it up.

not critical about the police's role in this but, it should be investigated of course given two fatalities.

Anonymous said...

^^ True Dat and MFER BLM keep a lyin', like bitches.

Tab said...

The DA office in WyCo is a lapdog to the racist naacp. As long as no blacks are jailed that is all that matters