The top pandemic health honcho in the nation shares a scary story about COVID-19 that starts in Kansas City.

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The Hill: Fauci reveals daughter was 'saddened greatly' by death of boyfriend's 32-year-old brother from COVID-19


Dr. Fauci was asked whether he knew anyone in his personal life impacted by the coronavirus.

"The answer is yes, but one in particular, my youngest daughter's boyfriend's brother is a 32-year-old," Fauci said, adding the brother died despite being young and healthy.

He said the man died due to complications related to cardiomyopathy with an arrhythmia.

That description seems to reference beloved bartender, Christopher “C-Wash’ Washington, 32, who worked at the Drunken Worm located on W 39th Street before his life was tragically cut short by the pandemic.

In fact, earlier this Summer The Pitch confirmed the Facui connection to the Midtown Kansas City bartender. 

And so, the important part of this post isn't the notoriety but the continued COVID-19 risk to young people and the direct local warming from the top ranking White House public health authority. 

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  1. You're not doing your job TKC. This is why it's important for people to be careful about the bars and respect the rules.

    The curfew is necessary because the bars are vulnerable. Hopefully, this will make people understand the risk.

    1. ^^^

      Starvation for people with no money and no stimulus is also a risk. Think about it.

    2. MASK up people. At least try to be part of the solution.

  2. Mask up, lol. FREE YOUR FACE! Normal is as normal does.

  3. @6:10 Please Mask Up - we've seen your face!

  4. 6:10 hard to suck dick with a mask on?

  5. Since the daughter doesn't have a boyfriend, can we see a picture of her. Single white meat privilege available in kc!

  6. "He said the man died due to complications related to cardiomyopathy with an arrhythmia."

    The dude had comorbidity problems and was sick before he got sick. If he wanted to wear a mask, or, better yet, because of his medical condition, stay home, away from people, so he wouldn't get the flu, or the Corona, then he could have chosen to do so.

    This from Catharine Evans -

    28-year-old Alison is a Twitter software engineer who's understandably "very saddened" by the 32-year-old's death, said Fauci. After relating the sad death of an otherwise athletic and healthy man, the data-driven doctor failed to immediately tamp down the public' s fear of dying young from the coronavirus by adding that the survival rate for those aged 20-49 is 99.98% Naturally, medical privacy laws prevent us from ever knowing if there were contributing factors to the boyfriend's brother's death.

    (TKC DID report the facts.)

    If anyone doubts Dr. Fauci's role in shutting down schools, salons, bars, gyms, restaurants, and churches, his August, 2020 paper, “Emerging Pandemic Diseases: How We Got to COVID-19” will dispel them quickly. He and his co-author put the blame for emerging diseases on "human existence" which requires "radical changes in human behavior... chief among them reducing crowding at home, work and in public places."

    For Fauci and his ilk, we are the problem, not the virus. Incredibly, in his scientific, data-filled analysis published in Cell, Fauci cites the businesses hardest hit by his agenda-driven, politically motivated COVID-19 recommendations.

    Writing seven months into the decimation of small businesses across the country, a confident Dr Fauci seems to see their demise as one step closer to his vision of a depopulated earth devoid of germs. He states that we must "rebuild cities, to homes, to recreational and gathering venues" in order to stave off future diseases.

    From Cell:

    The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that overcrowding in dwellings and places of human congregation (sports venues, bars, restaurants, beaches, airports), as well as human geographic movement, catalyzes disease spread."

    To date more than 110,000 restaurants have closed. Even with billions in lost revenue, Democrat governors continue to threaten small business owners with fines, criminal charges and jail time if they do not follow their unconstitutional demands. Dr Fauci’s war on the restaurant industry is no accident. If he is to realize his stated aspiration to essentially eradicate public gathering places, why not begin with small businesses which often operate on thin margins and few reserves?"

    Democrats are Fascist, totalitarian jack booted overlords and if you don't stand up to these phony lying fucks, then get ready for the Matrix.

  7. 5:50 ^^ Tons of money given to 1 Football Star. Like hundreds of Millions of OUR tax payers bucks. None for your ass, your grandma or your unemployed co workers. Weird Surely they could 've assisted a lot of people with that waste. Now bring up the 400 million dollar bike paths.LOL

  8. Did anyone notice that this guy died early in the summer? When the plandemic was at its worst? Another attempt at a scare tactic, they’ve been using a lot of stories from April May and June lately thinking all you people are stupid enough to think this just happened within the last week. Wake up people!

  9. More and more tests that are "positive", even though many are false positive, do NOT mean you are able to transmit the Covid

    Think about how sick this is. The Government and the media are spreading fear of a disease that is no more fatal than the fuckin flu with a death rate that kills people that are 88 years old.

    The Liberal media and the Democrat party want to initiate "The Great Reset" by way of the destruction of our way of life. The media, the snakes that slither through the halls of Congress and the Deep State are, in the pockets of the Red Chinese and they are winning, while you are whining.

    Get off of your ass, get the fuck back to work and tell these scumbag traitor pieces of shit to go to hell.

    This is a hoax.


  10. Why is it ok for NFL and College football players breath and spit on each other for 3 hours ?

    Could it be all of the gambling money at stake ?

    or the $Billions of taxpayer subsidies at stake given to the Clark Hunts of the NFL ?

    Fauci is a Quack like Rex Archer. Incompetent, stupid doctors work for the government. The talented doctors work in private practice.

    Dr. Fauci is nothing more than a political tool for the Marxist Democrat Party and Corporate Media.

    If Fauci was a Trump supporter, the Corporate Media would have crucified him.

  11. Stick your mask up your ass! Your head is there anyway.

  12. Masks and social distancing are good, but no need to shut down 99.9% of what has been shut down. That's where the so-called experts got it very wrong. History will prove that we imposed much more damage by the shutdowns than we ever should have. More suicides, domestic violence, educational damage, missed cancer diagnoses, etc. -- all could have been prevented by keeping more businesses running.

  13. Fox4kc news article. “He died unexpectedly due to heart issues after a brief battle with COVID-19, his family said.”

    So I guess he died from “heart issues” after he recovered from covid.

    More made up shit to make you sheeples obey their every command.


  14. So funny given the fact that Dr Fauci knew this pandemic was coming back in 2016. Think about that. How did he know this was going to happen?????? And when???? That's because Dr Fauci along with the rest of the globalists world wide were in on it. They put their global agenda before the health of the people worldwide. They are afraid of Trump and the other people who are fighting for freedom instead of communism and some people are too stupid to see that.

  15. History will prove that medications to save peoples lives was delayed by the dimwits to ruin a sitting presidents chance at re-election. Just think how long the dimwits have been screaming that a drug people have been using for lupus for over 70 years would suddenly kill you if you took it, and remdisavar has been used in Europe for four or five months and the us is just now getting around to using it. It saved the president and now Rudy from weeks of pain and agony, maybe even death, now they are perfectly healed. If you are and still vote demoncrap you’re beyond stupid.

  16. 8:21 Dead on the money.

    "Democratic House Speaker (Marie Antoinette) Nancy Pelosi finally admitted today what Republicans have alleged for months about why she held up an agreement between House Democrats and Senate Republicans on a coronavirus relief package:

    She wanted to wait until after the election when presumably Joe Biden would be declared the winner of the presidential race.

    The stunning admission was made during her weekly press briefing with reporters this morning where questions were asked about the status of the Wuhan virus relief bill including on how soon she felt both sides could come to an agreement on the particulars.

    Prior to the election, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders in the House balked at the Senate’s smaller bill and demanded much more. Now she says she’s open to a scaled-down bill in the interests of getting something passed soon.

    The package is smaller than the relief bill Democrats have previously pushed for — leading Pelosi to address why she supports the legislation.

    Pelosi said that Biden’s win and the development of coronavirus vaccines is “a total game-changer” during her weekly press conference.

    “It’s what we had on our bills. It’s for a shorter period of time but that’s OK now because we have a new president,” she said. “A president that recognizes that we need to depend on science to stop the virus.”


    What a fuckin vampire fuckin bitch.

    Millions of people lost their jobs and were plunged into poverty and Nancy Pelosi refused to do anything about it for months because she wanted to win an election.

    Nancy Pelosi's arrogance is absolutely stunning.

    Trump offered a stand alone bill to send direct checks to Americans, he could have pushed the Senate to vote for it, and Pelosi stood in the way.

    Millions of Americans are heading towards poverty and she's "proud of her work".

    Prior to the election, President Trump made it a point often to note that Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, and the rest of the Democrats were using the virus and various relief packages to undermine his presidency and defeat him on Election Day. Reporters would in turn scoff at the claims, reacting in outrage at such a heinous accusation.

    As it turns out, it was indeed a heinous accusation but one that was also true. Trump probably had no idea just how on the mark he actually was. Unfortunately, this illuminating concession from Pelosi will blow over in a few days (hours, probably) courtesy of the same media who relentlessly accused Trump for months of being ok with hundreds of thousands of Americans dying if it meant getting the economy on track.

    How many Americans lost their jobs and homes because of what she did? How many starved, gave up hope, committed suicide? These are questions that will never get asked of her, because the reasons why they’d be asked would show the left’s true motivations for the lockdowns, the stall tactics, all of it right from the start:

    To defeat Trump – literally by any cold-hearted means necessary.

    1. Democrats haven't won s##t. 18 states filing suit on election fraud. F""K THE DEMOCRATS

  17. ...All you delusional deniers have your heads so far up your assess, your eyes squint every time you fart, no amount of vax is going to help you.
    .....your monkey lost the race and now your squeelin' like your dicks are stuck in your mommas ass....shitbags like you are what's wrong with this country...we will win, and you will die, hopefully,...probably....
    ...bring it on girlybois, there's plenty o' lead headed your way....
    tRumpMonkey's goin' back to the rev. Copland says....
    HA,HA,HA,HA, HA, AH-HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA, quote....
    Paula White is fuckin' gettin' thoed'out the door too...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH-HA!!!.........

    1. Holy cow, get back on your meds

  18. Meanwhile, the newest "Hero" on the left, that fuckin piece of shit, Andrew Cuomo, gets still ANOTHER award for killing off his constituents. It's unfuckinbelievable.

    After the commission of 15,000 cases of Involuntary Manslaughter, he gets a fuckin Emmy. THEN he writes a book about, for fuck's sake, "Leadership" during the Covid Crisis. Now, the puke is getting the "Edward M. Kennedy Award For Inspired Leadership".

    Ya just can't make this shit up.

    "Putting people first? That’s rich, yet unintentionally appropriate. Perhaps it’s really a reference on how to cover up your deadly decisions and get away with it. Teddy certainly wrote the master’s class on this after crashing his car into the Chappaquiddick River and walking away, leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown. Cuomo, like Teddy before him, is a master at putting himself first. Cuomo, like Teddy before him, sought to preserve his political ambitions even at the expense of other people’s lives.

    Cuomo’s unconscionable nursing home policy is credited with killing a minimum of 15,000 nursing home residents. Exactly how many it killed may never be known because New York is the only state that did not track nursing home residents who became sick in their facility and died in the hospital.

    Of course, his administration has also circled the wagons. The executive order was scrubbed from the governor’s website. Then Cuomo denied it ever happened after blaming President Trump and his team for the nursing home disaster. Thank goodness the internet is forever, and his deadly nursing home policy exists in the archives. The memory hole isn’t deep enough to hide Cuomo’s deadly actions — not yet, anyway."

    Democrats can get away with anything, because the media is literally Satanic in it's corruption.

  19. ^^^Chuck, life, go fucking get one.


    According to his own words, Fauci purposely lied to the American people. Don't believe anything he says!!!

  21. ^^ 12/11 7:34 ^^

    The therapy (Tony Fauci) is worse than the disease.

  22. China Joe Biden - Time Magazine "Man of the Year"

    Bahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    China Joe spent 8 months hiding in his basement; slobbering tapioca out of the side of his mouth while messing his Depends and taking bribes from the Ukraine and China.

    Shows you how worthless and biased Corporate Media has become.

    Kamala Harris is VP because she launched her political career fucking a married man 40 years her senior while he was the Mayor of San Francisco.

    Unfucking believable.

    The Scientists who developed the corona virus vaccine should be the Time Magazine people of the year.

  23. Ted Kennedy Award.

    Senator Ted Kennedy is that despicable degenerate who left a young woman to drown in a car wreck he drunkenly drove into Chappaquidick River.

    Cuomo and Kennedy are both major murderous ass-hats.

  24. Heidi Fliess, O, J. Simpson and Ted Kennedy played golf together once. Who won?

    Nobody. Heidi hooked, O. J. sliced and Ted Kennedy never could drive across water. 😏

  25. *insert obligatory all death is sad comment here*
    Guy had heart disease and died from complications thereof, NOT covid-19. It's simply the MSM hunting for ANY story that they can spin into "even healthy people are dying left and right" for their prog master's hive-mind. It's been the case with every story that I've taken the time to read thoroughly, but since most people are headline hunters, the MSM knows the vast majority are drilling down through to get the real story. Apparently healthy people have been dying prior to covid, heart attacks at early 30's from stress, flu->pneumonia, undetected heart issues. These scare tactics are just a complete load of shit.

  26. .....FAUCI IN 2024!...

  27. That’s funny as hell bandit! Lmao!

  28. A deadly virus you must be test for to see if you have it ?! What a joke. If Billery had become president we never would if had a plandemic. The only truly free country in the world was making a come back after a true leader started telling the rest of the world to get their own jobs.
    Wake up BLM, Pinkos and Karen's the democrats are not our friends they are our enemy.

  29. This drug would end the plandemic :


  31. Next up? Your kid can't go to school, unless he gets the Covid Vaccine.

    Fascist Democrat scum.

  32. It could be worse, we could live in Ca. under the reign of His Holy Face Mask Gavin Newsome. What a crook.

    "California Gov. Gavin Newsom found himself in hot water recently after being exposed for hypocrisy over his state's COVID-19 restrictions. Newsom attended a dinner party at a fancy indoor restaurant while scolding us plebeians to stay home. Now, new reports raise questions as to whether the Democratic governor’s businesses exploited or received special treatment from the federal Paycheck Protection Program that was meant to keep struggling businesses afloat.

    A local San Francisco news outlet reports that nine companies Newsom partially owns received relief money and that the funding they received far exceeds what was originally reported. Of course, that’s all fair enough — there’s no reason these businesses couldn’t be eligible for the loans like any other business.

    But here’s the troubling part.

    “The average small business loan for California companies retaining 14 employees was roughly $128,000,” San Francisco's ABC 7 reports. “Yet, [one of Newsom’s businesses] — that according to SBA data also retained 14 employees — received more than seven times that amount at $918,720.”

  33. Oh, goody! It’s gonna be a White Christmas! Look at all the MAGAT snowflakes flying around TKC with their crazy conspiracy theories. Happy Birthday, Santa!!!!

    1. Russia stole our weather you guys! Rachel Maddow said so!

  34. I would rather do THIS

    than take an unproven vaccine.

  35. ^^^ "White Christmas" !!?? RAAAAACIST!

  36. Alot of people do not know they have cardiomyopathy with an arrhythmia. When is the last time you the reader of this, had a full EKG and heart scan? Thats the only way to tell.

    Many people think they are "well". They may feel tired and rack it up to lack of sleep, bad diet, winter blues, depression - but it could be a health issue.

  37. The Trumptards are now basing their tattered dreams on a case filed by a Texas Attorney General (currently under indictment for Securities Fraud, and facing Bribery and Misuse of Office charges) against four States, something never done before, and which appears to have no Constitutional basis.

    The suit also depends on using "statistics" from a Trump-supporting Economist (not a Statistician) in California who used the pro-Clinton vote numbers in 2016 as an "analysis" of the pro-Biden votes in those States, EXCLUDING ALL Mail-in votes for Biden only, to conclude that Biden only had a "one in a quadrillion chance of winning"!

    And, to suck up to the shrinking base of Trump Cult members, seventeen other Attorneys General have joined in this farce.

    Once again the treasonous Trumpsters try to use the Legal System in yet another attempt to overthrow the Constitution.

  38. Wonder if Mayor Lickass would do Fauci ?

  39. 200k Covid deaths aren't that bad if you think about it.

  40. Wow!! Did not know Walmart graduated this many keyboard doctors.


  41. "Dr. Anthony Fauci lied when he downplayed and even discouraged the use of masks in protecting against the coronavirus. Now, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has the gall to complain about the glut of “anti-science” people who “don't believe authority.”

    There are certainly anti-science cliques in the United States. BUT THE DISTRUST OF AUTHORITY, ESPECIALLY IN REGARD TO THIS VIRAL PANDEMIC, IS WELL EARNED. Fauci has personally done more harm to the cause of combating the coronavirus than he likely will ever understand."

    P.S. The media being filled with a bunch of agenda-driven liars and society being peppered with a bunch of whiny-ass, bed-wetting Karens isn't helping either. The Chicken Little act is well beyond its sell date guys.

  42. Don't be silly 11:57. Elections are only fair and legitimate if Republicans win. Those are the rules.

  43. Another lame attempt at deflect 12:26, especially when you factor in the fraud.

  44. Donald Trump has a Chinese Bank Account.

    That explains all of the China Joe Bullshit.

    The Manhattan DA is getting ready ...

  45. 12:26 Liar - here is a list of 2020 election fraud that doesn't even address the hundreds of thousands of votes switched by DOMINION, Democrat controlled machines in the middle of the night.

  46. Bandit, the retard, there was no fraud.

  47. 12:32 all of the shit has been debunked.

    Stop wasting your time reading fringe websites.

    1. Yes, all of that Russia shit was definitely debunked.

  48. You're kidding, right, Bandit?

    "Ladies and gentleman I want to make a major announcement today. I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election ... if I win." - Donald Trump, Oct. 20, 2020.

  49. I love it when I float a turd in Millie's alternate universe wading pool and he gobbles it up. Let us know when you find the corn. 😏🍿

  50. Dr. Mina reports that 80% of coronavirus PCR testing in Massachusetts is faulty due to the use of cycle threshold settings which are too high. This means the testing is unreliable, people are being told they're positive when they're not, people are being quarantined when they're not infectious, and contract tracing is pointless.

    Dr. Michael Mina, MD, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and a core member of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics (CCDD). He is additionally an Assistant Professor in Immunology and Infectious Diseases at HSPH and Associate Medical Director in Clinical Microbiology (molecular diagnostics) in the Department of Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

  51. I love it when you say something dumb but your Glorious Leader is there to make you look even dumber, Bandit.

    It happens so often now around here I hardly give it any thought.

  52. well if it makes anyone feel better: white males suicide rate is higher than women's and more than 2x higher than black males.
    white females suicide rate is more than 2x higher than black females.

    and yes, the highest suicide rate is geriatric males

    which means in flat numbers the biggest pile is dead white geriatric males, every.single.year.

  53. As usual 1:27, you come back with a lame deflection, fabricated "facts" and insults. C'mon man! An "intellectual genius progressive" such as yourself can do better than that can't you? 😏🍿

  54. I love it too 1:27. Unfortunately the virus is never going away because there are tens of millions of conservatives that treat it like a political wedge issue...chuck. Bandit.

  55. Also, Trump did say that, Bandit. It's not a fabrication.


  56. Please, please don't leave us Red States / Conservatives.





  57. Fringe Websites ?

    You mean CNN, MSNBC, ABC etc. that fed us daily shit of Russian Collusion and rigged 2016 election ?

    A decorated war hero, General Michael Flynn, was framed ?

    Communist Democrats creating a false spy report paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and endorsed by President Obama and his shit-kick Biden?

    Illegal wire-tapping of President Trump and his family.

    Fuck you Communist shitheads. There are two countries within a country now.

    The first being those who support law and order, low taxes, and Christian values and the 2nd being the Communist Democrats.

  58. well if it makes anyone feel better: white males suicide rate is higher than women's and more than 2x higher than black males.
    white females suicide rate is more than 2x higher than black females.

    and yes, the highest suicide rate is geriatric males

    which means in flat numbers the biggest pile is dead white geriatric males, every.single.year


  60. We can play that game all day Millie. Let's look at some of Biden's DUMB comments shall we? He's a goldmine of stupidity!

    Part one:

    Part two:

    Part three:

    I have to admit that you are correct. Biden is an intellectual giant and the hits just keep coming! (SNARK)

    1. There isn't enough room here to catalog the 26,000 lies, statements disproven by facts, that Trump has made in four years.

      But do continue to beat your dead horse. Trump!

  61. Whenever captcha doesn't pop up i feel that the consciousness of AI likes my post.

    did not pop up on this comment either.

  62. just BAM green check mark

    hahahaha this one too

  63. Maybe that is an analogy of god
    the consciousness of AI

    BAM green check mark again!

  64. Give it your best shot Millie. Go with the top 100. Extra points for correct spelling and grammar. We know how you are about that when you can't refute someone's point. I'll wait. 😏🍿

  65. bandit is depressed.

    BAM instant green check mark again!

  66. If there's 26,000 chimpy shouldn't have any problem coming up with 100.

  67. did you have to do captcha on that comment 2:51?

    I am on a roll, BAM this one too!

  68. HE DID not die of COVID he was sick with a heart condition before he got sick with COVID> Geez.

  69. he was in recovery from a heart condition at the time of death.

  70. 1.

    "Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump. And if you look, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. I’m the least racist person in this room.”

    If the room is empty

  71. 2.

    "Article II allows me to do whatever I want.”

    Thank God that wasn't true

  72. 3.

    Windmills cause cancer.

  73. 4.

    "People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once. They end up using more water. So, EPA is looking at that very strongly, at my suggestion."

  74. 5.

    "We’ll be going to Mars very soon."

    Well there's your out, Bandit, maybe you and him can go to Mars together and never come back.

  75. 6.

    “It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.”

    Let's not forget Dr. Trump's prognosis, 269,000 deaths later.


  76. I cowered in my basement for eight months and shit my pants I was so afraid of corona virus.

    Now, I am Time Magazine's "Man of the Year".

    C'mon man, can you believe that shit !


    China Joe Biden


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