Demise Of Daisy Coleman Remembered

It turns out social justice and social media protest don't provide any lasting comfort to people coping with real problems.

Check this worthwhile conversation in the aftermath of a truly tragic life . . .

The Ripple Effect Of The Maryville Rape Case

Their deaths exemplify the 'ripple effect' of sexual assault, felt by those close to the victim and on a broader scale in the social context of the crime. "This is the collateral damage. This is actually what it looks like," explained executive director of SafeBAE, Shael Norris.


  1. Shame on Jean Peters Baker, She could of made a difference in this case. May this family rest in peace


  2. So sad that a selfish spoiled sociopath can cause so much pain and tragedy to other people. It's a good thing there is a God who will right all the wrongs someday.

  3. Yep, I blame Jean Peters Baker who punted on doing the right thing, after she was brought in to uphold justice.

    Her political ambition stopped her from holding the guilty accountable.

    Meanwhile, back in Jackson County, instead of being tough on crime, Baker seeks "restorative justice initiatives" aka "slap the hand and say you're sorry" to perpetuate a revolving door of repeat offenders.

  4. Petersucker is responsible for more victims families heartache than any one on planet earth, why doesn’t anybody go after her and get her removed from office.

    1. Idiots just voted her back in.

  5. All the Captain Save-A-Hoes donning their capes again. They'd go protest in front of the courthouse, but they'd be mistaken for a cos-play gathering.

  6. This child received horrible treatment from the perps and from the system. Shame.

  7. So are you stating the Peter Sucker fucked up once again ? According to these daily posts, Peter sucker has a 100 percent failure rate. I believe I've actually seen 3 people defend her in several years. And they say there is no voter fraud.


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