COVID Kills White Collar Kansas City Jobs

There's work out there but it comes with a great deal of risk, involves getting dirty and taking A LOT of abuse from strangers. Meanwhile, the number of folks who can make a living from zoom chats & insightful e-mails is starting to shrink because smaller budgets don't justify the b.s. jobs that pretty much power the American middle-class economy.

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Kansas City-area residents still struggling to find jobs during pandemic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Finding a job during the COVID-19 pandemic is still a struggle many face on a daily basis. "It's been really rough for me because I thought I'd be able to go back to working," Sarah Price, who is unemployed, said. Price isn't going back to her normal 9-to-5 job.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs Social Media Manager12/28/20, 9:08 PM

    My job is now open.

  2. Donald J Trump12/28/20, 9:12 PM

    Don’t blame me. I called it a hoax and spent $30M playing golf this year on the taxpayer dime, “fighting for you.”

  3. ^^^ he still didn’t play more golf than the most worthless president that ever lived obummer so.....

    I’m betting all those fancy apts downtown will be empty soon, put the homeless in them and all will be good for the dimwits! Hahahahaha!

  4. I shut the utilities off to my non-payers. No point in me paying for that if they aren't paying me. They voluntarily relocate and destroy their credit records due to non pays. Seems like a fair trade.

  5. Its's just the start bud. More and more 'stimulus" for months/years to come before the dollar is worthless. Buy gold and silver my friend.

  6. Hey!!! I know what will fix this!!! The Mayor should shut down more business' with a curfew and intolerable mask rules!!

    You're welcome!!

  7. Great idea! He's proved that it works when others don't LOL

  8. Dst Systems killed the jobs by selling out to a competitor. Just so the executives could get options excercised at a higher price. Oh well, it was a very crummy place to work. The "Tom's" from DST are soon forgotten as youth like Zuckerburg or Elon make them look like failures.


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