COVID Killed Santa, Sorry Junior

A somewhat helpful discussion primer for people who have been lying to youngsters this year might also inspire naive parents to understand how the NEXTGEN learns with or without help. 

Take a look . . .

curiousKC | How Do You Discuss the Scary Virus With Children?

Kids can handle more than adults think, say two Kansas City moms. This is their response to the following curiousKC query: How are parents protecting their children from allowing fear to be their primary emotion in COVID times? Fear is the body's natural response to a threat, which people are living with these days.


  1. children? i'm still dealing with supposed adults who don't seem to understand .

  2. The BS will continue as long as you let it.

    Do not comply.

  3. Everybody understands it alright, we understand that the dimwits are idiots and made this thing a million times worse than it ever should have been. Take mayor mcdumbo and the fat fake dr rexy for example, we have had less than one percent of kc’s population sick at one time and they act like the world is ending with their ridiculous shutdowns and out of control stupidity.

    Nobody can be happy that we were never in danger of overloading the hospitals and 99% of the population is wearing a stupid worthless mask, no we have to listen to their sorry ass doom and gloom dark winter bullshit, not once have they or will they come out and say great job people of kc, you’ve been doing the right thing no, they are too stupid and do even worse things like shutdown benefits for brain cancer victims way out on the independence border.

    Stupid people running the city doing a terrible job, history will prove it that’s for damn sure.

  4. Currently 0.50% are sick with the Chinese red death virus, and that’s according to information on the health depts website. The lying worthless information was good from 11/21 to 12/4 so all those people are no longer sick and that number is now 0%.

    Why leave useless and misleading information that shouldn’t be there anymore on the website? This is public information that should be updated everyday. These people are liars and crooks and have failed at everything they’ve touched.

    Remove lickass and wrecks archer from their positions immediately, they have failed the community big time.and cost people their jobs, homes and businesses and are responsible for countless deaths, murderers is what they are.

  5. ^^You aren’t a doctor, epidemiologist, or high school graduate. You’re a TKC CHUD, shut your MAGAT mouth. We’ll tell you what to think if we need anything from you. Bye bye now.

  6. ..tRumpMonkeys have a virus nobody can cure...a lot of it comes from The Qrap-a-Nonsence monkeys...."Where one goes, we all eat that shit"...right? When do we see the Proud Gurly Bois swagger down the middle of the street with their "FULL AUTO" cap guns?...shootin' "anybody" who they might not like? Gonna' take over a WalMart or two? only for god's folks?.....


  7. Gather around kids...."Life Sucks Then You Die."


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