Congressman Cleaver: Do The Right Thing, Pass CASH ACT

An important statement from Kansas City's top ranking elected leader amid ongoing debate over COVID-19 stimulus that now has bi-partisan support . . . 

Congressman Cleaver’s Statement Following Passage of the CASH Act

The CASH Act Would Increase Direct Payments to American Families From $600 to $2,000

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, United States Representative Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) released the following statement after the House of Representatives passed the Caring for Americans With Supplemental Help (CASH) Act of 2020 with overwhelming bipartisan support.

“For months now, my Democratic colleagues in Congress have pushed for larger survival checks for working class Americans who have been devastated by the economic impact of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Despite previous objections from congressional Republicans, it appears the holiday spirit has rubbed off on my colleagues across the aisle. I’m extraordinarily pleased they have come around to the realization that American families are in dire need of substantive direct payments and have joined House Democrats in increasing these payments from $600 to $2,000.

“With support from the President, two-thirds of the House of Representatives, and every Democrat in the Senate, there is no excuse for the Senate Majority Leader to block this critical legislation from getting a vote on the Senate Floor.

“While I am certain that more relief will be needed in the coming months, which is why I have been calling for recurring payments since April, this is an important lifeline to keep families afloat until the flood of COVID-19 begins to recede across the nation. I only hope the GOP-controlled Senate will do the right thing and allow it to pass for the American people.”


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  1. President Trump & Cleaver, together at last!

  2. Are they going to take out any of the self serving, non Covid related PORK out of this proposal so the President can sign it?

  3. 4:16 you GOP sell-outs are always harping about pork and spending when your asses are out of power. All you sucker care about is giving to the rich. You are so busy doing the bidding for your goddess Goat Lucy, and your love for you king Lucifer.

    1. Is English your first language, superstitious and primitive moron? Try click language.

  4. 4:23. You gloriously demonstrate the reaction of a simple mind.

  5. Cleaver should do the right thing. Pay back his loans, pay his taxes and resign.

  6. GOVERNMENT: "We are considering giving you some money, but, as you know, with the caveat that we can continue to curfew and lock you down until the ONLY money that you will be assigned from the great and powerful Federal Government is the ONLY money you will be able to survive on. We, the anointed and sacrosanct keepers of the Fascist Flame that you will all bow before, are your lords and saviors! Next year, we will prevent ANY movement from your home without the correct papers signifying your acquiescence to the new Communist Covid Religion hailing from the East in the Holy Land of Communist China. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS WEAR THE HOLY MASK!

    PEASANTS/AMERICANS: "Any chance at all, you could just cut federal taxes for 6 months, take a pay cut in Washington DC and let us go back to work? After all, it is actually our money and you are supposed to work for us."


  7. Cleaver actually doing something for a change? *shocked

  8. Hey 4:16, it's widely known that all that "pork" in there was pushed by Trump. Don't let that fact slow you down though.

    Good idea Chuckles, cut taxes for 6 months. Those who are out of work and paying zero taxes will appreciate that. You're so smart. And hey Chuck, lockdown or no lockdown, shit ain't fucking recovering until the virus is under control. The vast majority of Americans don't want to go out for dinner or to movies or other shit where you sit in one spot and breath recycled air and catch a highly communicable disease that they can off load on everyone they come in contact with. Yeah, there's assholes (I assume like you) who like to go out and make a huge scene because the mask infringes upon them but most Americans are decent. So you can piss and moan about this shit all you want but it ain't going away and the economy will feel it until it does and some will be highly impacted by it, hence the government help dumb dumb.

  9. "Widely known fact".

    Hey! That's kinda like "Anonymous Sources" right?

    The entire your scientist can kick my scientist's ass, is, at this point ridiculous. Even our house pets are shaking their heads at the useless, counterproductive and pernicious curfews and lockdowns which focus on small business while jeff Bezos, Jackoff Dorsey, Bill Gates, Mark-of-the-Devil Zuckerberg make bank. Masks, curfews and lockdowns don't work and if you think they do, stay home, live under the floorboards in your trailer and leave the rest of us alone to work and continue our lives, you busy-body-holier-than-thou-sanctimonious-know-nothing-little-whiny-bitch.


    Congressman Carwash’s Statement Following Passage of the CASH Act:

    (Washington, D.C.) – “For months now, my Democratic colleagues have stalled survival checks for working-class Americans who have been devastated by the economic impact of a pandemic. But now that we're past the election, and with support from President Trump, it's time to float some checks. Personally, I plan to refresh my hair-plugs and stock up on my Aricept pills!!!"

  11. Notice he doesn't mention the support of Josh Hawley who started the whole push for $2,000 while Cleaver was probably taking a nap.

  12. Worthless. Just pops up every once on a while to say Yes to whatever dims want, then back into his nice hole.

    This country's fucked! Only term limits can save our democracy, and that isn't ever gonna happen. Those plums are just too lucrative.

    Example: Air Claire. Broke going in - rich comin' out (and still worthless).

    Obummer. Poor community organizer going in - fabulously wealthy comin' out.

    Too many never holding down a REAL job.

  13. The cleave wants it to pass because he probably snuck in a 100 million dollars for his jazz district fiasco

  14. PRINT DAT FUCKIN MONEY !! Like handing out OBAMA PHONES. Keep it ups.

  15. What you get from PIGS is PORK. Democrats are the pigs poring up these bills with money for foreign countries doing gender sensitivity training. Their countries understand genders and when there is someone in need of direction they take care of it. We don't need to fund other countries. Not once in the past 200+ years has any country sent us a dime when we were struggling.

  16. Alright, alright. That comes out to what $9.00 per day since the last check during the lock down. Almost enough to rent shinny rims for my hooptie.

  17. At this point all elected officials should be working without pay and we should get a refund on all taxes since this bullshit started. When it starts hurting their asses they might pay attention. How about it Mr. Generosity? Stupid worthless Afro-anti-American!

  18. Tragic what Cleve has done to this City.


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