Compare & Despair Over KCMO Homicides

KCTV5 newsies were clearly "inspired" by our conversation on this numbers game topic last night . . . Accordingly, here's a reminder that violence is spiking across the nation and doesn't seem to be getting better any time soon. 

Check-it . . .

Comparing Kansas City's homicide rate to the rest of the country

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City will end this year with more homicides than ever, shattering the previous 1993 record. In 1993, there were 153 homicides. 2020 had 174 homicides. "There's no sugar coating it. It was a very violent year. This is absolutely the highest number of homicides we've ever had," said KCPD Sgt.


  1. Our murder rate and our hood rats are dog shit. Baltimore has 335 murders and Chicago has 788. Philadelphia has 494. We aren’t even the murder capital of our own state. St Louis is smoking us with 262.

  2. Professor McDrinkerson surely has a plan!

    Oh, wait, no he doesn't. His plan is to chat with the tame local media, blame guns, and march with rioters.

    Go easy on the champagne tonight Professor! And don't drink and drive, we know you have that problem.

  3. Maybe we can get to 200 in 2021. We can count on Jean Petersucker Baker to agree to low bond or no bond for violent criminals, making sure they are on the street and able to murder again. Jean Petersucker Baker is a criminal‘a best friend.

  4. BLM should get a plan. Why their Brothers continue to kill. Why Upper middle class white women don't see reality. Both must spend too much time on CNN. One watching and the other trying to be on it. Weird

  5. ^^^^
    And speaking of BLM, where have all those many tens of millions of dollars that foundations, corporations, the sports industry, and whoever else was shaken down gone?
    There certainly hasn't been any improvement in black lives in KCMO. In fact the homicide rate has actually gotten worse and it's hard to imagine a more basic statistic than people staying alive.
    Maybe the Star could do some investigative reporting about where all the local money went.
    And just for fun, include all the fake "anti-crime" nonprofits on the dole as well.

  6. 8:11 Exactly. Some "face time" on CNN and a mention in the New York Times will go a LONG way at those cocktail parties with newly minted Progressive white women.

    It's a great short and long term goal that "checks all the boxes" if you are an ambitious Democrat who feigns interest in the infrastructure maintain, read: the Toy Train and Bike Lane, while it rains pain on the insane who still vote for the inane.


  7. This is the fault of racism and the people who divide and cause trouble. It started with Sly James and got to this place by Quinton Lucas. These people are evil. They hate whitey and they live to cause trouble. They act just like Hitler did you either do things their way or you get punished. Take a look at the country and what they have done over four years all because they didn't like a President who had the guts to stand up against the globalists. I put the blame on people like Lucas and all communists democrats in the country who are so stupid they bite the hand that feeds them.

  8. Kamala for real president12/31/20, 8:42 AM

    I own multiple firearms. I know a number of people who also own multiple firearms. Unless, perhaps, during deployment, none of those folks, nor myself, have ever shot, nor shot at, someone.

    The three letters are: a, t, o.

    Asking whAT can be done is politically safe (and useless).
    Asking whO is productive, but immediately declared to be 'racisssst'.

    We all intuitively know the problem, supported by FBI stats, is the WHO.

    Pretending anything else is simply an effort to gain political points and/or eliminate the 2nd amendment.

    Until the WHO is fixed, the rest of us deplorables require protective firearms, in the era of calls for police 'defunding and abolishment' insanity.

    Darwin could explain what happens to those woke folks who choose to appeal to, or depend on, love and kindness.

  9. ^^OK Boomer. You'll be dead soon enough.

  10. Lost in all of the data is the failure of the Jackson Prosecutor’s office in lessor crimes. Almost every suspect in a homicide has been convicted or pled guilty in another felony. The failure of her office to put real criminals behind bars for those crimes ultimately led to deaths. If they had been placed in jail instead of a probation they wouldn’t have been on the streets to commit murders. It’s time for the media to look at each suspect’s past convictions and what happened during the sentencing.

    The JACO prosecutor’s office is the direct cause of this increase. She has failed this city for years and left unchecked will continue to do more of the same.

  11. 8:46 not by you loser.

  12. ^^no, you're old, bitter, broken, busted, and morbidly obese. Plus you're lonely as hell. You'll be dead soon enough all on your own. Tick tock.

  13. Hey boomer boi! Whatta you gonna do when momma's EBT card doesn't work? Cause we sure as hell know you don't.

  14. ^^same thing you'll do grampy when your Medicare doesn't work. Cause we sure as hell know you don't either.

  15. ^^ha! Geezer down, geezer down!

  16. Calls everyone Boomer and yet doesn't realize HIV is killing Millennial homos at a alarming rate. Priceless stupidity


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