Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Cold-Blooded Gunfire Echoes Kansas City

It's way too cold to be fighting with people tonight but that doesn't stop the local criminal class and/or the historic violence spike.

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KC police investigate after man shot near 29th, Prospect

Shooting near 29th, Prospect SOURCE: KMBC Kansas City police are investigating after a man was shot Tuesday night near 29th Street and Prospect Avenue.Police said officers were called to the area about 8 p.m.Investigators said a man in his 20s was shot several times inside a vehicle.


Anonymous said...

Call your mayor Quinton Lucas he is the one who has caused the crime to go up along with Sly James. They have done nothing but pit black people against white people and against each other. Kansas City needs to be under investigation of the crime that is being promoted by city hall and Jean Peters Baker for letting criminals go. Go over their heads and keep screaming to the Gov. This is all done deliberately and they are blaming the police for it but yet they want the police gone. These criminals don't even get a traffic ticket when blocking streets and if a cop dares to arrest a black person they are brought up on charges. The people in this city need to start taking matters into their own hands. Email the Gov. This city has a racial problem along with a law and order problem if you don't do anything about it you are just as guilty.

Anonymous said...

^^Blah blah blah. Eat some tapioca grampy, and shut the fuck up!